How To Find And Hire The Best NJ Wedding DJs

It is a must for many couples to have a fun and memorable wedding. No one wants their guests to be bored and itching to leave the celebration just because the music isn’t good. The time spent on the dance floor during a wedding reception is what usually makes or breaks a celebration and it will all come down to the choice of NJ wedding DJs. Bride and grooms to be who are worried about finding the right DJ for their nuptials, here are suggestions on how to go about the process of hiring a DJ.

1. Consult With The Venue And Wedding Planner
Never be afraid to ask for recommendations when it comes to hiring a DJ. One that is highly recommended by the venue or your wedding planner is less likely to disappoint. A venue’s recommendation means that a DJ knows how to work the system of the place and will have fewer or even no technical issues on your big day.

A wedding planner, on the other hand, has access to a long list of DJ that other couples have hired in the past. These are two reliable resources you can always turn to when looking for the right disc jockey.

2. Meet With The DJ In Person
After getting recommendations set an appointment to meet with the DJ. This way you can assess if they are easy to work with or if you are better off looking at NJ wedding DJs. Meeting in person before signing a contract is a must, especially when you are very particular about the people you work with for your wedding day. A personal get together will also allow you to determine if their vibe and personality match with yours because this chemistry will affect the entire mood of your reception.

3. Ask For A Sample Playlist
Another tip before you sign on a DJ for your celebration is to ask for their sample playlist. This will give you a better idea of what kind of songs they deem appropriate for your wedding. During this time you can also give suggestions and song requests that you want to add to the playlist. A DJ who is willing to work with you and follow your requests is someone worth considering. You do not want to end up working with a DJ who will ignore your requests and possibly ruin your reception.

4. Ask About Fees
You do not want to end up arguing with your DJ after the reception is over because they are charging you for their overtime. Ask about their fees and if they are willing to do overtime in case guests still want to continue partying beyond the timeframe. If it is possible, get a contract and be specific about fees to avoid overpaying.

When it comes to hiring NJ wedding DJs, it is all about preference and workability. Always choose a candidate you feel comfortable working with so avoid and snags during your wedding reception. Work with him or her to create the best playlist and be firm on what you expect to avoid any disappointments.
If you want the best NJ wedding DJs for your wedding reception, contact Mystical Entertainment DJs today. Just enjoy the beat and we’ll make sure your wedding is an event that will be talked about for years.