The Great Benefits of Wooden Watches

The development and fame of wood products in the world of fashion and gadget has been remarkable in the past few years. The products are all over!

Wooden sunglasses, watches, ties and bowties, clocks, wallets etc. are available. These wooden products are extremely cool and fashion conscious and have clear environmental advantages.

It is therefore very easy to maintain these products and control their danger to the environment is minimal.

Advantages of buying a wooden product – Wood Retains Carbon!

Wood extracts carbon from the surrounding and retains it inside. Emission of carbon in the surrounding is said to be the cause of weather variation all over the globe. Each time we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil or gas, carbon dioxide is emitted into the air.

In a normal carbon sequence, trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide again. Wood accumulates the surplus carbon that it gets from the air within, for the existence of the product. When you wear a wooden product such as a watch, you are assisting to get rid of these chemicals from the air.

Wood Products Produce Less Carbon Dioxide

As carbon dioxide emissions are the major problem concerning weather changes, we should play our role by burning fossil fuel in fewer quantities. For instance, we need to search for methods that are less energy-concentrated to create and produce products.

In this regard, the manufacture of wood items like wooden watches for men and women is very energy efficient. This offers wood a reduced carbon print.

When you buy a wooden product like a wooden watch, you are ultimately supporting the utilization of viable manufacturing practices.

Wood Can be restored

Are you aware that wood is the sole major building material that develops naturally and can be renewed? It is possible to harvest wood and afterwards tree seedlings can be used to replant the area.

Wood is biodegradable also and over time, breaks down in the surrounding. When wood cannot be used anymore, it can be absorbed easily back inside the earth.

Even though the majority of wood products are inclusive of other materials it remains much better, compared to making use of a material that cannot be renewed, as your key source of material.

Wood Simply Looks Lovely!

It is possible that you have come across a person wearing a pair of wooden glasses or wooden watch. It simply looks splendid! The aesthetic charm of a natural wood item like a wooden watch is unsurpassed. Wood presents the latest fashion trend, which is undoubtedly here to stay!


Due to the recent development of maintainable fashion and present highlighting on Global Warming, The Garwood has produced a product line of wooden watches designed in Los Angeles for men and women that are fashionable, edgy and easy to afford.

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