Good HR teams start with good leadership

The promise of a safe, secure, nondiscriminatory workplace, in which no one is abused, exploited, or kept back because of race, gender, or sexual orientation keeps your company within the legal and moral norms of modern society. Most of your employees understand their obligations to one another; they understand that teams can only be productive if there is trust and cooperation; they understand that when people feel threatened or treated unfairly the effectiveness and performance of the company suffers.

For these reasons every complaint to Human Resources must be taken seriously. It is necessary to carry out an investigation to establish the veracity of the complaint. The way the investigation is carried out is important. People must have confidence in the system if it is to have any credibility. It simply will not due for an employee to file and complaint only to have it go nowhere, or appear to.

The clearer and more transparent the investigative process the more credible it will seem. workplace investigation software allows you to act quickly on HR complaints. Rather than keeping the process of inquiry under wraps until a final result is produced it allows the relevant parties to track its progress. A variety of evaluative systems are built in to ensure that each stage meets the highest standards of investigative integrity.

A charge of racism, sexism, sexual harassment, or other prejudice or assault can tear a team and a company apart. It is especially the case now in the 21st century organization with its much smaller workforces. Word of the accusation is likely to get around quickly, and once that happens factions are likely to break out—each siding with the respective parties in the complaint.

Anyone who has ever witnessed such an unfortunate spectacle understands the importance of appearing unbiased. Most HR complaints involve the most intimate and most highly charged matters. When emotions run high, it is hard to simply tell people of the HR department’s objectivity. It must be clear to all involved that HR is truly fair and unbiased in the affair. An exceptionally vigorous effort to be transparent is the way to attain this goal.

Secretive and opaque investigations are a thing of the past; they do not work in the 21st century. People will no longer accept the credibility of investigations that are not recorded and set down in an electronic format in which they can be fairly and openly judged. While some discretion is necessary and access to HR investigations must still be limited to select parties they must nevertheless seem open and under a proper review process.

Workplace investigation software enables your HR department to meet these criteria. They will be able to conduct inquiries into complaints with probity and without suspicion. This will make for a better HR department and a better company.

Good leaders invest in what will improve the conditions and environment of the workplace. Good leadership means investing in quality tools such as workplace investigation software. Downloading advanced HR investigation software will put your company firmly in 21st century organizational management.

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