Flying to Miami? Order a Private Airport Limo for the Trip to the Hotel with Twelve Transfers!


Are you ready for your upcoming trip to Miami? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also one of the most vibrant and energy-filled places to be. From the sunny beaches to the crazy nightlife to the amazing spots you must see in the city, you’ll be having a grand time.

You’re probably going to travel with your friends, which means you’ll be making lots of memories here – it’s the ideal place to do so. We also have a hunch that you’ll want to experiment new things and try to make the most out of every opportunity – so why not start with the trip from the airport to your hotel?

You often don’t think this is important, but the trip from the airport to your chosen hotel has the power to determine the outcome of your whole vacation. Imagine taking a city bus – you’ll wait in line, you’ll probably get in a crowded vehicle, the AC may not work, you’ll have to constantly make sure your luggage is okay…and don’t even get us started with cabs. These aren’t that great either, as you could encounter a lousy driver or a dirty car.

So why not choose a private limo? We know, we know, it’s seen as something extra and pricey too but, if you know where to look, you may get a nice surprise – and that’s why we think Twelve Transfers deserves your full attention too. But who is Twelve Transfers? Why should you choose them and not someone else for this service?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Twelve Transfers was founded more than 6 years ago in London and since then has become a major player in the airport transfer business. With thousands and thousand of happy clients from all over the world, the UK-based company set its sights across the ocean and decided to share its services with the people who visit or live in the sunshine state.

Now let’s talk facts. Twelve Transfers became so popular because this experience granted them the ideal mix of advantages for anyone who wants to try out this type of transportation. We’ll start with the cars, as this is one of the key aspects where Twelve excels – your upcoming airport transfer to Miami Beach can be handled by the driver of a Cadillac Escalade, a BMW 7 Series or a Mercedes S Class – you’ll start your vacation with a smooth ride in a premium car, which will steal all the looks.

What’s more, their drivers are all experienced and all familiar with the Miami area – so you’ll get to Miami beach safe and sound and, of course, relaxed. Last, but not least, their prices are amazing! Twelve Transfers became known for having fares up to 20% cheaper than most their competitors, so that means more money in your pocket to be spent where you want it to.

So go ahead and travel via a limo from Miami Beach to Miami Airport and return – you’ll be a part of a unique experience, one where you and your friends are well taken care of.