When You Have Numbness and Tingling in Your Extremities


Have you ever fallen asleep in an awkward position only to wake up with part of your body tingling? Or perhaps you have sat the wrong way (such as Indian-style) and your feet start to feel numb. It has ‘fallen asleep.’ It is not uncommon to experience this sort of tingling or numbness – in fact, most people have experienced it.

Although the above examples can be annoying and sometimes a little painful (or crazy tickly when the feeling starts to return), chronic numbness and tingling, or paresthesia, can signify a problem. Our ability to sense pain and touch is a big part of our life. Without that ability, accomplishing our everyday duties can be difficult, including using our hands or walking.

First Talk to a Physician or Chiropractor in Tucker, GA

If you experience a lack of sensation in your hands, arms, feet or legs, it could be related to a number of conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, thyroid problems, seizures, migraine headaches, diabetes, or stroke. It is important to first seek the advice of a medical professional to rule out any urgent underlying causes.

By seeking the help of a physician, the symptoms you share with him or her can help him to determine whether your condition is urgent. They will also be able to decide if the condition is related to your spine, which is the center of your nervous system and often is connected to tingling or numbness. If you are deemed to not need urgent medical attention or some type of specialized care, seeing a chiropractor in Tucker, GA, who is an expert in spinal health, may be the best second step for you.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Tingling and numbness are often associated with nerve compression, which is typically caused by spinal misalignment, or subluxation. This can cause your body’s nerve signals to be interfered with. Conditions that are commonly to blame for this sensation include:

  • Sciatica
  • Slipped vertebrae
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Nerve damage
  • Neck injury

A chiropractor in Georgia is a musculoskeletal expert who knows how bones, muscles and nerve relate and work together. This relationship is most evident in the spine, which is also the location in which the most trouble persists, leading to symptoms of numbness and tingling. Chiropractors are educated in the restoration of nerve pathways by way of spinal manipulation. This essentially generates a ‘reset’ on your central nervous system, which helps to do more than mask the pain – it actually treats the underlying condition.

A chiropractor can evaluate the entire nerve pathway, from the area of your body where you experience symptoms all the way through your spine, as well as into your head to ensure all of the nerves are working as they should.

Your chiropractor in Tucker may also examine the alignment of the bones that extend out from the spine. For example, if your hand is numb, he or she may check to make sure your wrist, arm, shoulder and neck are also properly aligned.

A chiropractor can also help to get your spine back in alignment and keep that numbness and tingling at bay (or at least reduce symptoms) with other treatment options, which include:

Restore Your Sense of Feeling with Chiropractic

Trying to get through life without all of your tactile senses is tough. Even worse, you may be missing warning signs of underlying and potentially serious health issues. Because of this, it is important to seek help for your chronic numbness and tingling.