Tips for renovating and converting a basement without spending too much


The basement is a part of the house too often neglected. And yet, it is a great asset for reselling a home. You still have a vacant basement. Imagine the possibilities! Your man could have him, his own place, his ” cellar man “! Your children would have, moreover, access to a game room where storage is optional. Or why not turn this room into a cozy and comfortable home theater at a time? In any case, the effort and the expense are worth it, believe it. Here are some ideas to develop a basement with taste, utility and above all, distinction!

Lay out a basement, some basic checks

 Before building a basement, you must first make some basic checks. For example, is your basement habitable? Small detail which involves, however, a great importance! The KapitalBasements – London Basement Company offers you a simplified analysis in 4 questions, which will allow you to have a clear vision as to the livability of your basement.

  • Do you have to bend over to avoid a beam or a pipe?
  • Are there traces of moisture and mold on the walls and floor?
  • Do the clothes or stored objects give off a musty smell?
  • Are there large cracks, fixed or occasional, on the walls and floor?

Have you answered no to all these questions? Go ahead, go into the renovation to develop your basement to your taste!

Lay out a basement, tips

Developing a basement is mostly a question of logic. Indeed, this room is often dark, wet, dull. How to do otherwise? Set it up so that it is cozy and inviting, pleasant and inviting. There are a multitude of accessories to make a basement comfortable and practical.

Structural advice

  • Your basement is actually a small space? Use sliding doors. When opened, they will slip inside the walls, neither seen nor known!
  • Or, why not break down everything and make your basement one big room?
  • A basement is an excellent storage alternative. Indeed, you can very well install a large hidden or exposed storage wall to bring out your beautiful porcelain collection.
  • A fireplace in the basement? What a great way to make business fun! Warm up while relaxing at the sight of the flames.
  • A versatile floor. Indeed, there are materials, such as vinyl tiles that will be as practical for the exercise room of large as for the children’s playroom.
  • Confront the lack of brightness in the basement by beautiful and large windows. Think about it, your windows also include a security factor, thus turning into an emergency exit when needed.
  • A bathroom or bath in the basement? I start by checking or are your plumbing and your main sewage column. Is your drain underground or surface? Evaluate the steps for proper plumbing for your situation.
  • To build a basement, there are different types of ceiling. If the ceiling height is less than 8 feet, plasterboard or Gyproc panels are often interesting alternatives. But be careful to always allow access to the plumbing! If the height is greater than 8 feet, a suspended ceiling may be the best option.