The Side Effects of Steroids to Women

There are different types of steroids that are available. Some women take steroids in order to enhance their muscles or lose weight. Most athletes take this in order to have the stamina to go through a certain sport competition.

Anavar is one steroid that is best for women. It has its own benefits especially towards female athletes. As much as there are benefits, there are also side effects that women will experience from taking Anavar. It is also recommended in very low doses. Here are some of the side effects of Anavar to women.

  1. Deepening of the Voice

Women may experience a change in their voice when they take Anavar. This is because of the testosterone that the steroid produces towards the body. If you are a female athlete and needs this to get through, you have to get ready for the change in your voice as you take in more dosage of the steroid.

  1. Excess Body Hair Growth

There may be changes in body hair growth on women’s bodies. This is one side effect that can be gained when taking in Anavar. It is essential that female athletes who take this kind of steroid to be prepared for those excess body hair that will appear soon as the dosage heightens.

  1. Clitoral Enlargement

This can be strange for most women, but sure for female athletes taking in Anavar, they have to be ready for the clitoral enlargement. If you are a female athlete you need to be prepared to handle this side effect. It has to be taken lightly so not to affect ones well-being.

  1. Balding

This is another side effect for female athletes who take Anavar. There may be hair loss as the dosage intake is high. It does not have to be one that needs to put you down though and you have to be ready for your hair to lessen.

When taking in these steroids in whatever purpose you need it, you have to be aware what it can do to your body. Yes, there are several benefits that it can bring to your body but there are also side effects. These side effects though do not make you less of a person since it just happens because of the components of the steroid.

Steroids are made to enhance and these have to be taken seriously. It also has to be taken with the proper dosage. You cannot take steroids just the way you want it because it will not work well as it is supposed to.

Once you decide to take steroids, you have to be prepared for whatever it does to your body. It is still very important to be healthy and fit. You have to do the things that can keep your body fit and well. Proper diet and exercise is still the best to do in order to give your body the balance that it needs. Eating the right food with the right nutrients is also the best to help in being well.