Why Many Bodybuilders Prefer Dianabol To Other Steroids?

Dianabol is undoubtedly one of the most sought after body-building steroids among fitness freaks. Now the question is what should be the best dosage for Dianabol for you? Well, this all depends on your actual reason of using it, as well as what do you expect to do with it. As for example, athletes and bodybuilders who simply wish to enhance energy for more rigorous working out, or   they can take approximately 30 mg of the supplement daily. While those taking it for medicinal purposes would take no more than 5 mg of the steroid.

The Mechanism Of The Action Of Methandienone

The supplement is available in a number of brand names, such as Methandienone or Methandrestenolone. Just like a number of other prescription drugs, this steroid is often known by its brand name, or generic name (such as dihydromethyltestosterone) plus chemical formulas and synonyms. In the Eastern Europe, it is called Napoism, while in Poland you can find this steroid as Metanabol, while in Taiwan, it is called Chinlipan.  Given that you might just get confused with so many names, you would ideally identify it by its generic name, which is C20H28O2!  That being said no matter the brand you try, make sure that you calculate the optimum dosage for your needs. For example, you can take help of the Brunavar 30 Dose Calculator if you buy the supplement and see if it works for you

Hitting back to the functioning of Mehandienone, it helps in the anabolism of proteins. It also prevents the negative nitrogen balance in your body. This further helps in tissue building. However, its efficacy will depend on the quality and quantity of your calorie and protein consumption.


This is a synthetic steroid that promotes muscle growth, improves build-up of tissue and enhances strength. Also, its androgenic activities help to enhance the ‘male features’ in your body. This includes a deeper, more impactful voice, improvement of the quality of sperm, better production of natural testosterone, dense growth of body and facial hair, better muscle-to-fat ratio and the like.  Irrespective the name, manufacturer, or the country of origin of your drug, the mechanism and action of Dianabol is bound to remain the same. Of course, you will have to resort to a reputed manufacturer or supplier to get your dosages.

The PossibleSide Effects

It is more than important to follow a Brunavar 30 dose calculator to determine the right amount for steroid for your needs and purposes. How you take your drugs can highly impact the results you enjoy, or the side effects that you fall prey to! Case in point, this steroid has a comparatively short half-life. It can work up to 5 hours, depending on your weight, height and other factors. However, so far bodybuilders and athletes are concerned; they are often seen to get impatient and rush for faster results. Consequently, many of them tend to take excessively high doses. Taking any type of androgenic anabolic steroids, above the permissible level can lead to serious side effects, which can even lead to cardiac arrest!