Is OWI really a big deal?

OWI. It’s a term that many thousands of people quickly become familiar with every single year. It is an acronym that refers to the process of driving a motor vehicle (or operating a motor vehicle) while intoxicated or impaired. And while this term is used to refer most often to people who have consumed alcohol, it can also refer to people who have consumed both prescription or illegal drugs or who are struggling with sleep deprivation or even who have a medical condition that can cause a state of confusion or impairment that can make driving dangerous. However, for ease of explanation, the term here will be used to refer to the act of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Those who have arrest records for OWI understand just how big of a deal such a charge is. However, for those who don’t, it is important to understand the gravity of the charge and how it can impact your life. For example, did you know that the average cost of a defense attorney for an OWI offense is $5000? That’s right. And this is just the retainer. It does not include the cost of expenses incurred on your behalf as well as any experts that are called to testify on your behalf.

Next, did you know that you will be asked to make multiple court appearances over the next few months to one year after your initial arrest and charge? You will experience lost wages and either have to use vacation time or take unscheduled time off (calling out) when those dates happen because in most cases you aren’t given enough lead time to schedule them off. This can place you in jeopardy with your current job and lead to an eventual release.

Lastly, if you are convicted of OWI, which over 80% of those charged with OWI will be, you will face a wide range of penalties for your crimes. These will include financial penalties that range in amount, loss of driving privileges, mandatory drug and rehab program attendance and even jail time, depending on whether or not this is your first arrest. The reason that most OWI cases result in conviction is because the vast majority of them are settled via plea deal or plea bargain. This allows the prosecutor to exchange a lighter sentence for a conviction, which earns him or her political favor. So, you should expect to have an arrest record and a conviction record for your offense.

These Indiana Arrest Records and conviction records can make it very difficult for you to find a new job, especially if your old job lets you go due to performance or attendance issues. This is because many firms don’t want to take a chance in hiring someone who has been shown to have poor judgement. The lack of employment can lead to even more stress on your life and can result in divorce and more.
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Marchelle Lamaster