Healthy Recipes So Good, You’ll Forget How Good They Are for You

I’ve been on a health kick lately. Who hasn’t at some point or another? But after the holidays, I just didn’t feel at the top of my game. I had gotten sick a couple times. I had perhaps gotten just a little softer in areas of my body that are prone to softness. I didn’t have the energy that I remember once having. And overall, I just didn’t feel as good and clean as I have before. I knew that my diet was the main reason. Yeah, the holidays threw off my workout groove somewhat as well, but I had stayed pretty active. The obvious culprit was the copious amounts of processed sugars and flour, along with anything else that looked good. I’ve read enough and had enough of my own health experience to know the importance of a healthy diet and how it affects almost everything in your life. I just needed to break out of the rut I was in and knew that some new exciting recipes would help bring enthusiasm I needed to fully commit to this change for the better.

So I did some searching online. There are tons of self-proclaimed gurus and healthy food blogs and what-not. And though I found they all had one or two recipes that looked great, they would also have a bunch of recipes that looked bland or downright gross. Many would also have protein powder and other supplements added to everything. I was looking for healthy, but still with that down home feel. I wanted food I’d get excited about, not have to convince myself to eat. So I stopped searching for strictly health food sites and personal trainer recipes and started looking at normal food blogs that had healthy recipes. Then I found It looked like a bunch of younger moms who loved to cook great food. They had a ton of healthy dishes that were realistic to make. These are moms with busy lives I could relate to, not some personal trainer who spent all day, every day on the latest health craze. Many of the recipes had healthier substitute ingredients or healthier means of cooking that allowed me to decide exactly what I wanted. I felt like I had freedom with every meal instead of feeling like I was on an episode of the Biggest Loser. And since there are several women that contribute to the blog, I get several different styles and a wealth of experience with various foods. It’s just real food for real people.

I’ve not had a single recipe from them turn out bad, so I thought I’d share some of my healthy favorites so far. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried some of their other recipes that aren’t super healthy, and they’re all kinds of amazing, but for now, I’m sharing the healthy ones I’ve been making. So for all you real people out there, enjoy!

  1. Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos
  2. Butternut Squash Soup
  3. Grilled Peach Salad
  4. Pumpkin Coconut Lentil Soup
  5. Enchilada Soup
  6. Salsa Verde Chicken and Kale Soup
  7. Grilled Chicken Creamy Chipotle Tacos (Rubios Copycat)
  8. California Roll Bowl
  9. Mediterranean Salmon
  10. Grilled Cod Caribbean Style with Strawberry Mango Pico

Bonus: Here is a list of 73 different vegetarian recipes. If you’re not vegetarian, but want to eat healthily, you can add chicken or fish to many of these. Also, here’s a bunch of soup recipes. Soups can be easy to prepare in a slow cooker/crock pot or blender and are usually quite healthy. And it’s easy to make a bunch and eat it throughout the week or freeze it for whenever.