Top Downsizing Hacks using Velcro Tie Wraps

If you are downsizing, there is a ton of effort that goes into the initial steps. There is a purging aspect of this process that can be cathartic, while also being overwhelming at times without the right Velcro tie wraps. With the many different considerations you need to be thinking about when downsizing, finding an effective plan of attack can be an important component.

You may be moving into a smaller house or you may simply want to reduce the physical amount of stuff you have. No matter what your reasoning might be for downsizing, it can be challenging to identify what you need and what you need to get rid of.

There are some items that you have that are easy to throw away. Weird gifts from people, that tool you bought but never used, etc. It gets increasingly harder to downsize when you know you may use something sometime, or you use every once in a while, but not regularly – especially when tie wraps are involved.

This is the part of downsizing that can easily be the most infuriating. Downsizing is all about balance, you definitely do not want to keep everything, but you also do not want to get rid of everything either. Finding the balance is tough, but it is doable. He are some of the best downsizing hacks you can use when choosing what to keep, what to get rid of, and how to store it.

Choosing What To Keep And Get Rid Of (Hint: keep the Velcro tie wraps!)

People tend to get into the habit of keeping things that they do not use, but that they may use one day or that someone else may need to borrow. This is a bad habit of getting into, if you just hold onto things because someone may use it someday then eventually you would be overwhelmed with loads of stuff.  Velcro tie wraps are the best support for this.

If you have had things for years and you never have used them, then it is likely time to get rid of those items. You can try selling them, but make sure not to use potentially selling them as a way to avoid getting rid of the item.

You want to make sure that you keep the items that you need and the items that have sentimental value to you. Remember, not every old item has sentimental value and do not mistake sentimentality with the fact that you have just had an item for a long time.

In keeping the items you really love and value you learn to appreciate them even more. You can actually enjoy the special items when they are not overshadowed by tons of other stuff.

Figuring Out How to Store Your Belongings with Tie Wraps

When you have been able to limit what you are keeping and what you need to get rid of you can start to think about how you will want to store the items you have kept. For technology gear, consider using Velcro tie wraps. These help to secure your cables and they will not get messy or tangled.

For any larger items you have to store, consider getting plastic bins to store these items in. Getting clear plastic bins is useful for being able to see what you have stored. Getting a consistent type of plastic bin is also a good idea because it makes for easier and consistent storage options.

When you have downsized, for the items that you did decide to keep, you will want to make an extra effort to stay organized with them. It is when you are not organized and cannot find what you need that you have to go out and buy more.

Final Thoughts

Downsizing can be scary. You may feel like you are throwing parts of your life away and in a sense, you are, but you need to throw out the old things in order to make space for the new. If you are moving to a smaller home, downsizing is a great opportunity to figure out what you value and why.

It is important to know what you have and what you value. Make sure that you are placing the value on the right things. Do not let yourself get so tied to objects that you forget the things that really matter.

Relationships and family are more important than physical objects. Remember that memories come from the people and the moments and not the objects. It is ok to be sentimental about things, but it is also ok to let go of things sometimes too. You may find that you enjoy the freedom and space you have once you have downsized.