Summit1g Net Worth 2022


Jaryd Russel Laszar, also known as Summit1g, is a Twitch streamer. He’s well-known for being an expert in streaming and competitive gaming. Summit1g currently has the 10th most followers on Twitch. A fan may be curious about his personal and background information. If you are a fan who is reading this article with the same goal, buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a verbal adventure- a journey through Jaryd Russel’s personal, professional, and financial life.


Lazar was a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive player. He has also played in well-known teams such as Adaptation and Exertus eSports.

The streamer is 5′ 6″ tall and weighs in at 149 lbs. Lazar is a Twitch streamer currently playing CS: GO and Fortnite. He decided to pull out of a CS: GO esporting contest in 2017 to focus on streaming.

According to the most recent updates, his YouTube channel now has 702,000 subscribers and attracts an average of 29,964 viewers per day. His Twitch channel also has more than 5.9 million subscribers and 0.45 billion viewers, with approximately 28,990 daily views. These stats are amazing, aren’t they?

Early life and family

Jaryd Russel was born in Orange County, California on 23 April 1987. He currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, with Jacob Lazar (a Twitch streamer, commonly known as Kite61).

We know very little about his childhood and his parents’ identities. Lazar was married to Desirae Lazar in 2013, a Twitch streamer. They divorced in 2016. Desirae is currently Lazar’s Manager. According to the most recent updates, Lazar has been dating Lilchiipmunk from 2019.

Major Milestones and Careers

Summit1g has reached significant milestones during its existence, including:

  1. In 2011, Lazar created the Twitch channel Summit1g.
  2. He started the YouTube channel under the same name in 2013.
  3. He beat Tom Cassell by a large margin in 2017 when it came to Twitch followers.
  4. Summit1g has more followers than Riot Games for 2018,
  5. Lazar was the 10th most-followed Twitch streamer.
  6. He was 6th in an Apex Legends tournament and won $1,500. He also secured second place in another tournament hosted by Apex Legends.
  7. Lazar signed a partnership agreement and content support contract in 2022 with Twitch.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Summit1g

  1. His streaming with Jake Paul, an YouTuber, was criticised by his fans in 2018.
  2. Lilchipmunk was his girlfriend and he was accused of being racist after he made comments about Sweet Anita, a Twitch streamer.
  3. He accused Twitch streamers in 2022 of using Valorant. Valorant is a Riot Games multiplayer shooter. Lazar stated that Valorant is used by them to tweak viewer statistics on Twitch. 5. 5. 4. He also said that the shooter was being neglected. He later apologized on Twitter for his remarks.

Summit1g Net Worth

According to recent reports, Summit1g’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. Twitch, YouTube and partnership contracts are his main sources of income, while esporting, sponsorships, and esports are significant revenue sources.