Joji Net Worth 2022


While entertainment is enjoyed by everyone, it is not easy to create them. It’s easy to laugh but it is difficult to create comedy content.

Joji, also known as Filthy Frank, has created such entertainment for his audience.

About Joji

Joji, a Japanese musician, was born September 1992 in Osaka. Although his real name was George Miller, Joji is his stage name and has gained much popularity. Filthy Frank, also known online as Filthy Frank, has posted many videos about playing the ukulele and raps.

Later, he shut down the YouTube channel and devoted himself to his music career. He is today a well-known musician in hip-hop’s comical genre.

Early Life & Family

Joji was the son of a Japanese family that had immigrated to the USA when George was young. George graduated from the New York Institute of Technology after completing his education at Canadian Academy in Japan. One of his YouTube fans gave him the nickname Filthy Frank for his first video about diarrhea.

As a challenge to his peers, he created his 1st music channel. His first video post would still receive many views no matter how abusive it was. He managed to get over 10 thousand views on the post, which made his channel “DizastaMusic”, permanent on YouTube.

Joji’s career and major milestones

George wasn’t very committed to his first career as a musician. He started out as a comedian YouTube creator with funny videos. He began making hip-hop music, eventually with the help of a Pink Guy character. He was instantly popular, and he began to take his music composition seriously.

He started creating music because of the popularity of Pink Guy and his first album Pink Guy. He took his stage name Joji in 2017, when he performed on stage.

Joji released his music album, Ballads1, in 2018. With this, he reached number one in the US R&B charts and was ranked third in Billboard’s Top R&B Albums. Joji recently released Nectar in 2022.

Joji is daring

Joji is a bold individual who has been his whole life. He is a daring individual who loves to take on new challenges and will do anything to win them. He is very confident and committed to his decisions. He stood out among the thousands of young people who struggle to be noticed.

Joji is a fun-loving guy

Joji loves comedy, no matter what genre of music you choose. He loves to have fun and wants his followers to laugh.

Net Worth

Joji’s net worth is $10 million, as of June 2022.