Emmett Shear’s Net Worth 2022


When directed toward a profit-making end, passion often leads to success. Emmett Shear, a computer graduate who tried his hand at business ideas before deciding to follow his passion and create a profitable business.

About Emmett Shear

Emmett was born in 1983 in America. Shear is known for his online investments as well as his entrepreneurial skills. Justin is his co-owner. tv. Shear founded his own company in 2011 out of his love for gaming and called it Twitch. Twitch is a platform that allows gamers to stream live gaming to their followers. Amazon has purchased his company, keeping him as CEO.

Early Life & Family

Shear graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2005. Justin Kan and Shear founded Kiko Software before he became the successful owner of Twitch. Justin later sold the company to eBay for $258000.

  • We have no information on his family or love life.
  • Emmett Shear’s Life and Major Milestones
  • Shear continued to pursue online business after Kiko Software was sold.

Shear founded Justin. Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt and Michael Siebel founded tv in 2006. It started out as a reality TV show that broadcast Justin’s daily life 24×7. Later, in 2007, it became a platform for subject-specific online broadcasting channels. Out of all other content, gaming content was the most popular. Shear made the decision to create a separate company for gaming content, and created Twitch.

June 2011. Emmitt also partnered on a part time basis with Y Combinator to help new entrepreneurs.

Amazon bought Twitch in August 2014. Shear remained as CEO. Justin was on the other side. The popularity of tv was evident when it reached 30 million users per month, and then it was shut down.

  • A Few Interesting Facts About Emmett Shear
  • Emmett demonstrates professionalism in his work approach

Shear was a young entrepreneur who became the brand’s owner. He is very professional when it comes to managing his money. Each of his decisions was made with wisdom. He kept his private life secret so that it could not be disclosed to the outside world.

Emmett Shear excels at organization

Emmett Shear is very well-versed in his daily tasks, which allows him to play multiple roles, including as a partner in Justin.tv, a consultant to startups, and CEO. He also maintains the responsibilities and roles of his personal life.

Net Worth

Twitch was the catalyst for most of Shear’s net income. He was paid $970 million by Amazon for the acquisition of his company. He was the company’s owner and had an estimated turnover in 2019 of $1.54 Billion.

Shear donated 1 million dollars to Three Babes Bakeshop, which was owned by minorities and women, during the 2022 covid-19 pandemic.