The Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Misting System

The hot summer days are very hot and stressful for most people, especially business owners. People are trying to develop methods that can efficiently cool an area without energy wastage, water consumption, and causing climate change. Misting systems have been introduced and are used in most outdoor spaces. They have been installed in most parks, restaurants, shopping malls, lounges, and several other public places. There are several different designs and types of misting systems installed in a space as per the client’s request. Misting systems work by employing evaporative cooling.

Advantages of Misting Systems

The principle of evaporative cooling that enables the functioning of a misting system in cooling space is energy efficient and minimizes water consumption. The misting system uses natural gas power and consumes 25gallons of water per kilowatt of electricity produced. When the misting system is compared to the normal air conditioning system, we find out that the air conditioner uses about 75 gallons of water to produce 3-5 kilowatts of electricity. Therefore, the misting system is more efficient and preserves the energy and water needed to ensure cooling within an area.

The installation of misting systems is not sophisticated and involves following a few simple steps. Most people prefer to set up the misting system using instructions and operate them without involving professionals. This is most common for people who only need the misting system cooling during a specific time of the year. Finally, the misting system can be changed into a drip water irrigation system or just an irrigation system during winter when cooling is not necessary. With proper maintenance, the misting system can efficiently serve as a watering system since it has PVC pipes.

Disadvantages of Misting systems

  1. The price of the misting system can fluctuate depending on the size needed and the type of system employed. Low-pressure water misting systems can be used in homes. Still, many people prefer the high-pressure water system since it produces fine water droplets, evaporating quickly, hence cooling the area more efficiently.
  2. The system may be simple to install and operate but requires someone who has had enough experience handling it. First-time installers may have to ask for expert help which may be quite expensive.
  3. Some homes may need renovation and creating a suitable place to install the misting system. In addition, more plumbing costs may be incurred.
  4. In places where the humidity levels are usually high, using the misting system to cool the temperatures may not be efficient or significant compared to hot and dry areas. High humidity situations may lead to dampening instead of cooling.


The innovation of misting system has enabled most homeowners and commercial businesses to keep their clients satisfied. However, some factors may affect the system and should therefore be considered before investing in the misting system. The main benefit of using the misting system is that it conserved the energy and water spent to ensure cooling compared to other cooling systems such as the air conditioning system.