Learn How to Do Fat Burning Exercises for Men

You will be able to build the body you’ve always dreamed of if you start doing these top fat burning exercises for men. A lot of men spend a lot of time and money going to the gym for hours and hours at a time and still see very little in the way of results. You could work out all day and night for hours at a time and still never see any noticeable change if you are doing the wrong types of fat burning exercises for men.

There are a lot of fat burning exercises for men available to choose from. But some exercises will burn a lot more fat, much faster than the others. This article will focus on the top 5 fat burning exercises for men specifically created to help men burn more fat and build stronger muscle fast.

These exercises will also help to boost your body’s metabolism, helping you to lose excess body fat that can be difficult to get rid of through normal diet and exercise. So what are those top five muscle building, fat burning exercises for men?

Before we get to the specifics it is important to understand that your workout program will fail you every time if you are not doing the proper exercises designed to get results. Don’t waste your time or your money on exercise routines or diets that won’t work, start adding these effective exercises to your routine today and start seeing results.

The most important thing you could ever learn that would help you to become healthy and physically fit is to change your routine on a regular basis in order to avoid getting stuck in a plateau.

Now we can discuss the top five fat burning exercises for men. But there is one thing that you should remember before you get started on your new fat burning exercises for men routine. The exercises that are outlined here are more about the movements that must be done rather than a set list of exercises. For example, you can do a lot of different exercises using the movements that we will outline which will allow you to create a unique workout with a variety of different exercises which will help you avoid those fitness plateaus.

Change and variety is the most essential element of this workout regimen that will help you to achieve true success.

So finally, here is the list of the top five fat burning exercises for men:


The first movement that we will discuss in this top five fat burning exercises for men can involve the use of either a dumbbell or a barbell, which can be incorporated into the squat, or the use of a dead lift, kettle bell or dumbbell swing or any other type of similar movement that will yield the same result.

Kettle bells have really become a very popular tool to use during fat-burning exercise because it encourages all-over body movement in the knees, hips and body center. Your entire body is being moved throughout this exercise.

Doing a squat movement will help you to really burn a lot of calories because it involves a lot of physical, mechanical work to be done by your body. That is why this is the first movement on our list of the top five fat burning exercises for men. You should always begin your workout routine with a squat for successful fat burning exercises for men.

It is important to note that movements that are considered to be the “squat type” also include split-squats and lunges, however these can also be used under the single-leg movement information posted below. In some cases the distinction between movement types can blur a little, as many are used for multiple purposes. Now it’s time to talk about the next fat burning exercise for men on our list.


Next on our list of the top five fat burning exercises for men is a movement that includes any type of pushing, such as a dumbbell press, bench press, standing shoulder press or even a push-up. Large muscle groups will be used to do these particular movements, burning a lot of fat and calories.

Burst exercises, which embrace the principle of “non-compete” exercises, that use a pushing exercise help our leg muscles to recover from the first squatting movement, which can also increase overall grip strength as well.


Next on our list of the top five fat burning exercises for me is a movement that includes any type of pulling, such as seated rows, dumbbell rows, pull-ups, rowing or anything that is a true “pulling” motion that would give a lot of muscle work to your arms, lats, upper back and lower back, all while keeping your body in a static, upright position throughout the entire exercise.

This movement is very powerful and can build muscles and burn fat even more than the other two. Another pulling movement to consider using here is a dead lift as it does involve the pulling muscles. Once again it is easy to see how some exercises could fit well in multiple movement types.

By this stage you should have done between 80-90% of your overall workout. Because the first three movements are so intense, you could do just the first 3 movements and still get a great all-over workout. However, if your goal is to build a better body, burn fat and increase your metabolism, then the next 2 movements will be required in order to achieve the best results from the top five fat burning exercises for men.


You could accomplish this type of movement doing a single leg squat, a reverse lunge, a split squat or a dumbbell lunge, as long as it only works just one leg. This type of movement will use a lot of different muscle groups because it focuses on the lower body.

It can be tough to do this movement immediately following the pulling movement, as your grip strength will be greatly weakened or fatigued from the chin-ups, rows or other pulling exercises. If this is the cases, try doing single leg exercises that utilize bodyweight only, such as 1-leg lying hip extensions or 1-leg squats.

You could also do a ball leg curl with single-leg stability or even an exercise where you hold a barbell across your back with single-leg stability. If dumbbells are your preferred exercise, you could do a DB step-up or a Bulgarian split squat, as less weight is required for these movements, and you won’t have to use a lot of grip.


The last movement in our top five fat burning exercises for men could include a number of different exercises that focus on abdominal work, such as a stability ball rollout, a mountain climber, a hanging knee raise or even straight-up ab workout with gadgets such as the Ab Wheel. Other exercises that could be done in this movement group include cable crunches or cable chops, if you happen to be at the gym.

As you can see the top five fat burning exercises for men are really pretty basic. However, you will see that it isn’t just all about doing crunches until you’re sore. You need to workout all the muscle groups including your torso, legs and arms. Finishing your movements with a total body abdominal exercises will help to complete a thorough regimen of fat burning exercises for me.

You can choose to use a number of different exercises that focus on these specific movements to help you to build the body you want using the top five fat burning exercises for men.

Just by adding these exercises and movements into your daily routine, you can help to increase the probability that you build the body you want through metabolism boosting, fat burning and muscle building workouts.

You can build a better body in no time just by committing to these top five fat burning exercises for men!