Soccer Uniforms – Look Great While You Play Great

Soccer uniforms are worn by millions of soccer players around the world every day.

They wear the colors and logos of professional soccer teams, or a color scheme of their own club. The options are endless.

If you are helping your child’s youth soccer team to pick out uniforms, or are new to the game, you should understand that a soccer uniform is more than just a soccer jersey.

The uniform consists of:

  • Soccer Jersey
  • Soccer Shorts
  • Soccer Socks

The Soccer Jersey

Choosing a soccer jersey color will depend on your local clubs preferences, or of course your team’s sponsor. You can now get your uniforms in any color or design that you want. Be bold if you like. This is your team’s identity we are talking about.

Most jerseys now are made from synthetic material that will prevent moisture from being absorbed. However these will be more expensive.

If your team wants to be more traditional you could go with the original. Cotton. Just remember that on rainy days the cotton will really suck up the water and weigh you down.

Soccer Shorts

The soccer shorts should complement the color scheme of the jersey. They also should not be extremely baggy as this will not help your performance. You don’t want them to bunch up and cause you to trip, ever!

Baggy shorts may be all the rage, but they don’t belong on the soccer field. Choose a length that is comfortable enough so that players get freedom to make the moves that they will need to make during a game. The last thing a soccer player wants is to feel that their movement is restricted.

Soccer Socks

These socks are knee high and flexible so they will serve the tow purposes for which they were designed. They should complement the jersey and shorts, and they have to be long and strong enough to hold your soccer shinguards in place.

Soccer Goalies

Keep in mind that soccer goalies wear a uniform that is different than the field player. Soccer goalies must wear a color that is different from their own team, and the opposing team, so a referee can easily identify the goalkeeper.

A soccer goalie also gets to wear a long sleeve shirt, with some elbow padding, and shorts that usually have some padding on the sides. This helps to absorb some of the pressure of those frequent dives for the ball. They will sometimes wear long goalkeeper pants depending on field and weather conditions.

Goalkeepers also get to wear goalkeeper gloves to ensure that they get a good grip on those shots that rain down on them.