Why Golf is Good for Body and Mind

Playing a round or two of golf is both mentally and physically stimulating at any age. This makes it a good sport to play for your mind and body.

There are many benefits that come with playing golf or considering golf careers, and we’re going to dive in and discuss several of them with you.

1. Improves Heart Health
When you go out and golf, you can walk for an extended time. Any type of physical exercise gets your blood pumping and your heart beating faster. Carrying your bag, walking the course, and swinging at the ball all boost your blood flow and heart rate. This can lower your risk of developing diabetes, strokes, and lowering your blood pressure. If you combine this with a healthy lifestyle, you further lower your risk.

2. Reduces Stress
Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air or socializing with teammates can help reduce your stress levels. It can also fight loneliness, even if you have to social distance. Since stress can wreak havoc on your body and mind, this can improve your mood, help you sleep better, and you may even start to lose weight as your stress levels drop. Golfing can release endorphins, and these are mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain.

3. Stimulate Your Brain
Golf careers can be challenging, and a good challenge will stimulate your brain. Golf makes you think about which club will work best for each hole, calculate distances, and work out how to get around obstacles. Additionally, regular walking can strengthen your brain’s memory circuits. It can also boost the blood flow to your brain to stimulate it further and keep it sharp.

4. Improve Your Sleep
Anyone who suffers from poor sleep quality or chronic insomnia will tell you how important it is to do everything you can to improve your sleep. The combination of mental and physical stimulation while being out in the fresh air can do wonders for your sleep. It can help you feel tired and fall asleep much sooner. You may also find yourself sleeping deeper and feeling more refreshed on the days you golf.

5. Lose Weight
A large percentage of the population is overweight or obese. But golf is an excellent exercise if you choose to walk the course and carry your bag. You want to get 10,000 steps per day, and playing an 18-hole round of golf will easily put you well over this mark. If you eat a healthy diet, watch your calories, and play a round or two of golf, it can lead to healthy weight loss. It can also help you maintain your healthy weight.

6. Low Injury Possibility
No one wants to get injured, and golf is a great low-impact sport that works well for young and older players alike. You walk along gently rolling hills or stable ground, and this reduces your chances of injuring yourself by falling. This is what makes golf attractive to seniors because they can still exercise without worrying about a life-altering injury.