“This is My Dream”:Boxing

Constantin Bejenaru Lastly Requires his ShotConstantin Bejenaru asked his company one evening for a time off. He had a fight coming up, which meant he needed to hunker down into his Brooklyn education camp for many weeks and maybe perhaps not just for a few days. He enjoyed his line of job, putting in solar power panels for Tesla, however in addition, he knew exactly where his priorities lay.

“They explained,’No,”’ Bejenaru recalled during a recent exercise at the Under Ground Boxing Fitness Center in Brighton Seaside. “So, you realize , I left.”

It Might Not Have been the economically Intelligent Point to do, contemplating He had a family to feed, and also his struggle purses were really insignificant that his trainer-manager Ilia Mesishchev routinely waived his trim. Moldovan cruiserweights, after all, are not exactly in sought after, however enthused Bejenaru’s subsequently promoter, newyork staple Joe DeGuardia, claimed to be more on this one. But boxing wasn’t only about amassing the occasional paycheck for Bejenaru. If that were the instance, he would have ditched the sport quite a while ago when it became evident his livelihood some ten-odd fights whatsoever had reached an impasse.

When it comes to keeping a day job, Bejenaru would shortly property on His toes again. His friends joined him with Levco, among the greatest heating oil suppliers in Fairfield County, Connecticut. It turned out to be a well balanced gig that brought him close contact with folks he could not have pictured straight home from the rust belt Circle of Moldova. Millionaires as well as also their mansions (“castles,” since Bejenaru calls them) with in door health club and visitor homes. This really was money land: New Canaan, Darien, Greenwich, et al., wherever riches and societal decorum meant house-wives always offered coffee and biscuits. Levco’s head office is only ten minutes off out of his house in Shelton, where he lives with his spouse and two kiddies, a three-year-old kid and year-old kid. Best of all, the job was flexible. His new boss, a previous Judo specialist, experienced no qualms using Bejenaru taking extended leaves of absence, notably when combat named.

This Saturday,” Bejenaru,” 14-0 (4), will take on undefeated bruiser Arsen Goulamirian 25-0 (17), in the latter hometown of Marseille, France, to get a piece of some WBA cruiserweight trinket. It is in many ways a culmination of the long, winding, so far thankless professional livelihood that has compensated him peanuts and given him lengthy spells of sin. Therefore, Bejenaru is grateful for that opportunity. He has also mindful that he wouldn’t be inside this position with no assistance of selected intimate confidants, like his boss, that knows the unusual demands of prize-fighting; his trainerwho tickles him up years past from a bad work-related deal; along with longtime good close friend and adviser, David Berlin, ” the ex-director of those NYSAC who served Bejenaru uncover his promotional foundation that this past season by bringing him into Dmitry Salita. This absolutely was Salita who instantly scheduled a Bejenaru a summertime season tune-up bout and immediately pushed up him for Saturday’s potentially life-changing title shot.

“He overcome my fighter Zubov a Couple of Years Back on Shobox, so I understood that he was a Superior fighter,” Salita explained. “Once I made the offer to sign up I jumped on it. He knew that he was potentially one of the better cruiserweights on earth. He beat some sturdy undefeated fighters, also I got him rated at the WBA.”

Put Simply, Though a lot of things went wrong with Bejenaru, a whole lot of Matters additionally went for him personally for at this point.

“Obviously, there’s not any guarantee that I am here,” Bejenaru said. “All These several years which I was with Mr. DeGuardia was dreadful. You understand, only waitingsix-and-a-half decades .”

“All was done has been done,” said Mesishchev, who preferred to take The high road. “never ever look on the spine. No matter had been good or whatever was not bad. When it was not Joe DeGuardia, then maybe it’s somebody else.

“What not kills you create you tougher .”

Still, the bare fact is this. Under DeGuardia’s watch, Bejenaru Fought an overall total of three times by 20-16 into summer time of 20-19. Never mind he won all of his stepup bouts versus fighters who were of also the presumed favorites in Alexey Zubov, Stivens Bujaj, and Thabiso Mchunu. There didn’t seem to be much of a policy for him personally. An option against southafrica’s Mchunu, a well-regarded cruiserweight competition, should have spurred him to fresh heights. Instead, he even received a briefcase bag of about $9,000 and disappeared from the ring for two weeks. Efforts to place him in to the Globe Boxing Super Sequence tournament were unsuccessful.

“nobody has been moving him or trying to struggle for him,” Mesishchev explained. “Just a lot of No Thing. He has been going following this particular title for thirty decades past Just like any boxer in the world. It really is just a challenging business.”

It is even harder for cruiserweights, particularly in the United States, at which Promoters have traditionally not spent in the branch. Although the rousing success of this WBSS cruiserweight championship last year did substantially to enhance the general standing of the burden loss class, it still remains moribund stateside. To compound matters, Bejenaru is land locked at the weighthe could be too little to compete with today’s giant heavy-weights and overly big to go down to one hundred seventy five, where conceivably there might be much better economic chances.