Survival Guide: Living in a Campervan

Exploring Australia through a campervan is a popular option for local travellers and tourists. However, some people have settled on living in a Sydney RV because it allows them to travel the country. For others, it allows them to save money and pursue a passion. Still others simply want a lifestyle of simplicity and self-reliance.

Imagine the freedom of being able to go wherever and whenever you want, gathering around a campfire with your friends or family and camping on beaches. Living in a campervan is certainly not easy, but you can make the experience as pleasant as possible.

The Economics of RV Living

To be an RV dweller, you will need some initial capital. A used RV can cost approximately $10,000. You may find something more inexpensive but it will require several modifications to make it livable and suitable enough for sleeping.

You also have to keep some money for maintenance and repair. Like any type of vehicle, there is always a chance that the RV will break down. The bottom more tips here line is that the less money you pay upfront, the more you will need to reserve for maintenance, repair and modifications.

RV Living FAQs

If you’ve never tried living in an RV, let alone enter one, here are some of the questions you might want answered:

How do you go to the bathroom?

Most RVS, if not all, have portable or built-in toilets. If the toilet is no longer functioning, RV dwellers use pee bottles and public bathrooms. Some have chemical toilets but most people try to avoid using them except during emergencies.

As for taking a shower, this can be done in the RV’s built-in toilet. RV dwellers with busted toilets have to pay a few dollars for a shower in truck stops and other establishments where people are allowed to shower.

What about Internet?

There are several ways to be connected to the Internet without your DSL or cable broadband back home. There’s the free Wi-Fi in libraries and coffee shops. You may also use your cell phone as a hotspot when using 3G connection.

Is it Legal?

Except when you choose to park on streets where parking is illegal, living in an RV is completely legal. You might have to pay for parking every now and then, but there’s free parking almost everywhere. The burden of having to look for a good parking space every time is another thing entirely.

Should I buy or rent an RV?

If you’ll be using the RV for a long time, it will cost you a lot of money. It is best to rent one if you will be using it for a few weeks or months. If you plan to live in an RV for good, then it is obviously wisest to just purchase one.

Embrace Minimalism

To say that you have a limited space in an RV is an understatement. Learn how to save space for your clothes and other needs to make way for other things. Ensure that everything is in order and not cluttered. The more clutter, the more difficult it will be for you. Limit the things you will bring while making sure you do not forget all essential items.