What You Should Know About Probiotics and Digestive Health

There exists a relationship between probiotics and digestive well being. Probiotics have the ability to add bacteria in your body necessary to maintain the good balance of bacteria. However, probiotics themselves needed to be nourished to deliver its results.

What nourishes probiotics is what is known as prebiotics and prebiotics are considered as more beneficial to digestive health.

Your digestive system has two major functions– one is to break down the food particles to deliver nutrients and excrete waste; and another function is to work with the immune system in protecting your body from diseases and other health issues.

There are studies to prove that most diseases originate from poor digestive system. When the body is suffering from digestive disorders, this leads to hosts of other diseases including and up to life threatening and deadly diseases such as colon cancer.

Probiotics and digestive health are connected. Digestive health means that the body maintains a good balance of good and bad bacteria, with the former keeping the latter in check. The most common way to add to the good bacteria in the body is to take probiotics.

The thing with probiotics is you have to maintain the live bacteria in order for your body to benefit from it. They can also occur in your body in uncontrollable number that may have adverse effect.

Further, probiotics are often ineffective without their necessary fuel that is prebiotics. Probiotics need prebiotics to be effective.

Prebiotics is similar to probiotics in the sense that they promote your digestive well being. Unlike probiotics, though, prebiotics work to maintain the good balance by promoting the presence of good bacteria while stopping bad bacteria on their toes. This they do by denying the bad bacteria the environment they need to grow and multiply.

In discussing the relationship between probiotics and digestive health, it helps to include prebiotics. Without prebiotics, it will be a difficult task for probiotics to fulfill its function of promoting digestive health by adding to the bacteria present in the body.

Remember that prebiotics should come first prior to probiotics, as the latter needs the former to thrive. Without prebiotics, probiotics and digestive wellness may have a loose connection. 
Where do you find prebiotics then? They can be found in the food that you eat such as whole grains and fibre rich vegetables.

However, if you want the most convenient way to guarantee that you get the right supply of prebiotics, then you will benefit from taking digestive health supplements.

Now you know the relationship between probiotics and digestive health as well as how probiotics depend on prebiotics for effective results. From this, it can be said that prebiotics may turn out to be a better digestive supplement to promote your digestive health.