Privacy Policies offered By Student One in 2018

Privacy policies are an important aspect of any site you are providing access to your information.

Following are some policies you need to know about if you are a StudentOne FAQ user:

  1. Collection of private information

Your personal information like your name, email address and phone number will be collected for reasons like enhancing your site usage, make advancements to the site, and to make sure you are aware of the latest events and activities. Moreover, it permits the site to provide you the functions and services it has.

  1. Information protection

We will not leak any information to be personally recognized by a third party other than stated in the privacy statement. Related body corporate will only receive certain personal information of yours.

  1. Accessibility to your personal information

In case you want to have access on the personal information we had received,  then you are free to contact us and see whether the information is up-to-date or not.

  1. Information validity

We strive to ensure that the information held by us is authentic. If you think we have the wrong version of your personal information then go forward and contact us. We will do anything to satisfy our user.

  1. Third parties and your personal information

We are only willing to receive, take care of, and use the information that personally identifies you as stated in the privacy statement unless or until our rights or our property is at sake. In another case if the third party’s rights or property has to be protected or to avoid any harm to any person by law.

  1. Your allowance

Through your site usage, you are giving consent to collect, store, use or even remove your personal information according to the privacy statement as well as the privacy act.

  1. Data collection and security

We will make sure that your personal information is secure in the environment we are accessing it in, however we can not swear upon this aspect as you may be familiar with the fact that internet is an unpredictable world. All these measures are taken to help you with your personal information not being used by an unauthorized personnel, misused or mishandled. Even then, if you think your personal information has been in authorized use or misuse of it, then please contact us.

  1. Changes and consent to changes

We are eligible to change any terms and conditions of the privacy statement. To make sure you are acknowledged of any changes to the privacy statement, you should check the policy regularly on the site. Through continued use of the site you will be deemed to be consented to any changes made.

Hope you found this information fruitful and that it encouraged you to further use Student One.