NBA Lockout 2011 News – What Is Going to Happen?

As you may know as a fellow sports fan you would know many football fans across the world have been struggling over the recent NFL lockout. And now NBA fans across the world will struggle with the new lockout of the National Basketball Association otherwise known as the NBA. Some ESPN and other professional sports writers and reporters are predicting that the 2011 NBA lockout is going to be a lot worse than the 2011 NFL lockout. Some of the reporters even go so far to say that the NBA may not even have a season this year. I wish this was not true but we have to face the facts, it is all about the money and how much everyone gets paid.

ProblemĀ – First off what starts every lockout in the history of sports is the problem that somewhere someone is not getting paid enough throughout the ranks of the organization. It was up to me I would just have them play and just have a flat salary but that is not how the world works in every player is not of equal talent. And in this case the NBA 2011 lockout was primarily caused by the NBA officials and the NBPA (otherwise known as the national basketball players Association) So Let’s cut to the chase. The Problem is that the collective bargaining agreement has expired and the NBA players in the commissioners cannot come to an agreement. A collective bargaining agreement is the profit share between the players and the owners and all of the rules and obligations they must comply with. This is the same problem that happened the NFL the players in the commissioners could not agree on the collective bargaining agreement just like the NBA. Although rumor has it that the NBA collective bargaining agreement problems will be a lot tougher to settle the NFL’s disagreement.

I have many predictions about what will happen with the NBA lockout.

1. My first prediction is that the NBA lockout will get so bad that some of the players will not even want to play the NBA anymore. Some players may even want to play overseas to become national stars and I think some veterans that would have played in the NBA this year may retire so they don’t have to put up with anything related to the lockout. The NBA could lose most of its stars and become not nearly as competitive as it was in recent years. Dwight Howard recently stated that there is a chance the lockout is so bad he may go to play in China. Many other NBA stars like Deron Williams and many other players.

2. Another one of my predictions is that they will come to an agreement just like the NFL but it will not be the greatest agreement and some players may even want to leave the NBA to play overseas. Although it is still possible they could come to a perfect agreement where both sides are making money and everybody is happy.

3. My last prediction is not the greatest of all predictions but is still possible to happen. The NBA lockout could become so bad that the NBA does not have a season for 1 to 2 years because they could never come to an agreement and eventually another lead could come over and take the NBA players from the NBA which could be a bad thing or a good thing it all depends on the situation.

I hope you enjoyed this NBA Lockout article on the sport report and visit often to see updates on what is going on in the fanatical sports world we live in.