have you gotten in the mood for Moonshine already

Nobody knows exactly when our moonlight was born because the Andersons family recipe has been passed down orally for generations. However, it is clear that the recipe was first written on the last pages of a cookbook in the late 19th century. But since the Andersons are still distilling from their experience, it wasn’t that important.

In 1920 it came unexpectedly: the Volstead law, which prohibited alcohol consumption, came into force. Despite all good intentions, the law was shot in the foot, because it led to an increase in (illegal) consumption and alcohol production. But while the gangs popping up like weeds doing business with alcohol, it shouldn’t be quiet about our Moonshine.

It was still distilled and enjoyed. Now, however, this had to be done under the cover of the night. In those moments, the moon gave light to the Andersons and gave our popular Moonshine its name. With the end of prohibition, which was to follow 13 years later, the black distilleries were also partially forgotten. After all, you were no longer forced to hide for your alcohol consumption. But our Moonshine remained in the hands of the Andersons and they stayed loyal to him.

Almost a century has passed and we are committed to bringing the Andersons Moonshine to the people. A lot of things in the world have changed since Prohibition, but our distinctive Moonshine is and will always be the same. Fortunately, nowadays he is welcome everywhere and on every occasion even without annoying prohibition. You can find him at the freaky student party in the dormitory as well as at the romantic dream wedding in Hawaii. It is always available for a delicious cocktail after work or a nice chat with good friends and also for class reunions.

So have you gotten in the mood for Moonshine already?

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