Guide To PGA Golf Betting

Are you new at golf betting or have only dabbled before, this guide to golf betting is perfect for you. We’ll walk you through the fundamentals by explaining different kinds of bets and then provide our top strategies for successful wagering on golf.

What Are PGA Outright and Futures Bets?

Betting on golf outrights or futures is one of the most popular ways for sports bettors to gain insight into professionally run golf competitions. Much like betting on who you believe will win this year’s Super Bowl or World Series, betting on golf outrights or futures bets predicts which golfer will emerge as victor of a specific event.

Contrary to other sports that offer futures, you don’t have to wait until after the season and playoffs to cash out. You can place your bet on Wednesday before a golf event and collect on Sunday after the closing round has been played. Major tournaments like the Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship allow for betting ahead of time on winners.

How to Get Started With Sports Betting

Tips to Bet on Golf Futures and Outrights

Are you looking for ways to wager on golf futures and outrights? Look no further for expert advice on placing bets.

Now that we understand what golf outrights and Futures signify, let us take a look at some golf betting tips before making our selections.

Discover golf betting odds at legal, U.S. sportsbooks.

Sports bettors should make it a habit of checking for golf odds from all legal sportsbooks available to them. The odds on golf can vary drastically between books; your wager of $10 could net you $60 on one book and only $85 elsewhere. Shopping the odds can make all the difference in whether or not your bet pays off in the long run.

Sports Betting – Just Follow the Money

Timing is key when betting on golfers. Much like Wall Street traders who buy low and sell at a higher price, those betting on golf to make money must evaluate and anticipate when to place bets for certain golfers. Sometimes that could mean betting early when odds are released; other times it might require waiting until public money arrives before placing your bet before the event begins.

Be Open to Diversity

Golf offers more variation than most sports, and the difference between a good round and an awful one can be as small as four strokes. Winning rounds often depend on luck breaks, favorable tee times (weather), hot streaks of putting which may not always be predictable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find an edge – the most successful sports bettors take advantage of uncertainty and embrace variance – none more so than in golf!

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Be Wary of Chalk

A way to maximize diversity is to avoid playing with “chalk”, that is, those players whose odds are often predicted. In tournaments with a high profile, money often floods in for prominent golfers or those with an impressive golf history (more on this later), even when they may not be at their peak performance. Casual bettors often place wagers on Tiger Woods and other big names in golf; however, it can be difficult to identify value in these players since sportsbooks typically make them appear less likely winners when expecting large sums from one particular golfer over another.

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Even with these odds, it would have been worthwhile to wager on certain favorites like McIlroy and Rahm in the long run. After all, they have a combined total of 44 professional wins! But consider their early wins; McIlroy was the first winner on Tour with 50/1 odds! We’ve seen golfers as young as Scottie Scheffler and Collin Morikawa make waves when they were rookies on the PGA Tour.

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Recognizing Golfers on the Rise

Golfers who are experiencing success on the course can benefit from knowing when their game is peaking.

Most of the golfers mentioned above achieved success as amateurs and in college. Some took years to adjust to Tour life and the game before winning their first major, while others made rapid progress towards that goal. Certain players stand out due to both their youthful youth and impressive pedigree/amateur accomplishments.

Bet on the leader of the first round

Betting on the leader of the first round (FRL) is similar to placing an ordinary outright bet; however, who ultimately wins (in terms of betting) will be determined by which golfer has earned more points at the end of Round 1. Before placing your bets however, be sure to check the weather forecast and adjust accordingly if a chilly afternoon is expected – narrow down your selections to those players with morning Tee times.

Be wary of multi-way markets.

Sportsbooks and golf bettors alike need to be mindful of a troubling trend: some are turning two-way markets such as head-to-head matchups and multiway markets into winners for the bookmakers. If you decide to place your bets on golfers, look for markets with multiple winners.

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Golf Props

Prop betting on golf is not as popular as it is for basketball or football. Typically, props will predict whether there will be a playoff or if a golfer will make an ace. When majors are underway, sportsbooks expand their prop selection to include choices like who will be the lowest amateur? What will happen to the best golfer of X country? If you want to wager for the entire year, chances are good that top golfers will take home multiple majors.