Why Your Pet is the Best Valentine’s Day Date

No matter how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day, you have to admit—your dog or cat can be a great companion for a holiday dedicated to appreciating your loved ones. These are just a handful of reasons why your pet can be the best Valentine’s Day date.

They are always there for you

Your pet is often the shoulder you cry on, the pal you confide in, and the companion by your side through good and bad. Valentine’s Day is a great day to show them you care and be there for them, too.

They aren’t picky

As long as they’re spending time with you, your pet doesn’t mind what activity you’ve planned or dinner you made. They won’t complain if you forgot to make a reservation or can’t decide what to wear. They’re just happy to be by your side.

They won’t ask for much

Your pet just wants your company. While you can shower them with gifts, a scratch behind the ear will mean just as much to them.

They’re easy to shop for

If you do want to shower them with gifts, you don’t need to stress about finding the right thing. Your pet would love any gift as long as it comes from you. Treats, toys, a new snuggly blanket, or a new sweater just in time for Valentine’s Day are all great options and, if you forget Valentine’s day is approaching, they might not mind a trip to the pet store to pick something out for themselves.

You get to eat all the chocolate

If you plan to purchase a box of chocolates this Valentine’s day— there’s no need to share with your pet! In fact, you shouldn’t! That means more tasty chocolates for you.

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