Why Mobile Entertainment Is Unique

Family and corporate entertainment is alive and doing well right in your community. Take a look at some of the newest interactive entertainment available.

Most entertainment companies provide fun, interactive entertainment which provide a “party favor” to your participating guests.

Mobile services are also the perfect tool for corporate trade shows and more. Set up a Cash cube and watch the lines pile up around your booth as people give their all to catch money or coupons flying in the air.

Having a fundraiser? Airbrush tattoos and photo booths are very popular with schools, churches and non-for-profit organization looking for fun, cool, hip forms of entertaiment that appeal to everyone.

Airbrush Tattoos that are sure to create a buzz amongst the crowd, as your guests “get inked” with 1000’s of tattoo stencil designs. There are designs ranging from Hello Kitty to Tribal bands.

Photo Booths where your guests can ham it up for the camera in spontaneous poses that print instantly.

Big Chair Photos that are literally a ‘huge’ hit, as singles or groups pile into a big chair (8 feet tall, by 8 feet wide and 8 feet deep), for a very, very big photo opportunity.

Green Screen Novelty Photos that create pictures worth a thousand words, with 3-D special effects, exotic locations and backgrounds, limited only by your guests’ imagination

3D Photos create the illusion of depth by placing your subject on a different focal plane than other objects in the image. This is the perfect tool for companies looking for the competeitive edge.

Flip Photos are created by interlacing two different images. As the viewing angle changes, the concave properties of the lenticules on the lens material restrict the view to one photo at a time. As you rock the photo back and forth, it morphs from one image to the other.

Caricatures that come to life before your very eyes, as our professional sketch artists draw impressive, exaggerated renditions of your guests.

Cash Cube / Money Machines that create excitement and curiosity, as challengers try to grab and pocket money, coupons or winning tickets from fast-moving air.

Social media is an important part of everyday life, with everyone from kids to the seniors checking in daily to their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other accounts. Business is using it more and more and seems to be the prevalent choice for smart entrepreuners looking to grab an edge over their competition. With the help of instant social media uploads, everybody is connected.