Tips for Opinion Writing – How to Write an Opinion Without Being Offensive

In this article I am going to discuss how you can share your opinion without upsetting other people and without being seen as offensive. This is important because your writing should be engaging rather than off putting.

Some of the best pieces of writing are actually those that have been based on an opinion. When you write an opinion it demonstrates that you have taken time to think something through and therefore your writing has more meaning. However, using your writing to share an opinion that is going to cause harm to others is not beneficial to anyone.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but when you use your opinion as a means of marketing your business you need to be more careful.

First of all if you decide to write something based on your opinion you need to make it clear that it is your opinion rather than fact. This is important or otherwise you will come across as arrogant and someone who is arrogant is far more likely to cause offence.

Having an opinion is fine but if you can back up your opinion with some kind of evidence or experience it gives your opinion more credibility. A credible opinion is less offensive.

Another way that you can limit being offensive by writing your opinion is by first giving a balanced view. Therefore you write about both sides of the argument for example and then you can give your own personal opinion at the end.

Knowing who your audience is will also be very important. If you write your opinion to a certain audience it may be received in a positive light and be welcome. However, if that same piece of writing is presented to a different audience it could be perceived as very offensive.

Therefore you need to make sure that when you write something which is based on an opinion that could be on a delicate topic you have a clear audience in mind and you make it visible to that audience.

Remember that just as you have the right to talk about your own opinion provided you do so in a sensitive manner, others also have a right to interpret your writing in a certain way. It can be easy to feel bad if someone has interpreted something you have written in the wrong way.

Provided you have done the best you can to make sure that you have written your opinion in a delicate and respectful way then you should not take on the responsibility of someone having interpreted it the wrong way.

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