Tennis Training for Better Court Performance

Years ago the only ‚Äútraining” deemed necessary by professionals for tennis is cardio and aerobic conditioning.

Training modalities included long distance jogging or cycling to train the heart and the lungs.

The aerobic programs were in duration and space. The problem?

This tennis training did not transition on the tennis courts.

And the reason isn’t a distance.

Tennis is start stop, a burst game, and the training must do it’s best to mimic this action. I mean, why would you train by running 10-15 miles if you are a world class sprinter? It does not make sense?

So as to mimic a time game, your training has to be like a real match. That is why running 5 miles a day does not do much good unless you are a relative newcomer to tennis training. After a couple weeks, the duration tennis training’s advantages will level off and you will be at your peak.

Because it does endurance, it requires as anaerobic endurance.

So when you’re putting your training for tennis program make sure

You bear this in mind.

To apply endurance you can use a large number of variants that are unique to barbells to body weight exercises.

The trick has much more to do with the exercises are placed together with one another and less to do with the exercises.

In which you do exercises back to back without 29, the best method I’ve found to do fitness would be to use circuits or sets.

Among my favorites is to execute a group containing 4 exercises which trains your system in addition to the body.

I perform 3-4 sets of each collection that is giant and’ll piece together sets each comprising exercises.

Here is an example giant.

1. Jump Rope

2. Push Up

3. Burpee

4. Push Press

In this group, I’d perform 8-10 repetitions of each exercise. Begin using exercise number one, perform 8-10 repetitions, then immediately move to use number two. Repeat until the rep is complete on exercise number four.

This could be considered 1 place. Repeat for a total of 2-4 sets, then proceed on to group number 2 that would comprise 4 exercises.

Once giant group number 2 is completed for a total of 2-4 sets the work will be complete.

Since the absence of fatigue will let them concentrate on the specifics of every shot, if a tennis player trains this way, they’ll see a dramatic improvement in their performance.

As the tennis training grows, intensity could be added by increasing the amount of exercises, increasing the amount of repetitions of each exercise, by increasing the resistance of every workout, or, if you’re looking for a greater challenge increase all four for a really intense tennis training exercise!