Everything You Ought to Know About Supplements – Top 5 FAQs

Dietary supplements are an emerging field in healthcare. With modernization being the talk of the town, not even does the segment of health remain backdated anymore. Humankind has progressed much beyond the traditional concept of curative therapy. In this article, let us explore every reason why you should switch to supplements.

1. Why Take Supplements?

Dietary supplements offer preventive care. They strengthen the body’s resistance towards health problems. Supplements make you strong enough to delay diseases by significant degrees. They abide by the saying that prevention is better than cure.

2. Are Supplements Really Effective?

The Darwinian concept of survival of fittest was never more as applicable as it is now in the 21st century. Competition in the healthcare industry has risen tremendously. No product would survive without proving its efficacy. The reason why supplements have been able to hold a strong footing is because of the millions of people that they have benefited.

3. What are Supplements Made Up of?

Dietary supplements are also called nutraceuticals. This term is derived from the word “nutrients”. As the name suggests, nutraceuticals are made up of nutrients. These components are those found as proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in food substances.

4. How are Supplements Superior to Food?

A common question that arises is that if supplements are the children of food produce, why not simply rely on food? The reason is that food substances may not guarantee quality. Further, the quantity of nutrients in each food product is never certain. This is why they are not able to assure accurate benefits. In supplements, the exact nutrient is measured, calculated and extracted with the most careful means.

Supplements are the result of hardcore research. The purpose behind every dietary supplement is well-defined. Which nutrient is necessary, and in how much quantity, is all researched with dexterity. The accurate details about their nutritive values are also mentioned on the product packaging.

5. What Certifies the Quality of Supplements?

Many dietary supplements are made organically. Their components are cultured in-house. This saves supplements from what food produce mainly suffers – loss of nutrients. The top reasons how foods lose nutrients are –

  • Surrounding pollution / contaminants
  • Improper ways of extraction
  • Manhandling during transportation
  • Long duration to transport
  • Storage

There are government bodies like USDA, US FDA, ISO that are the stepping stones for quality. They issue certificates stating that the products are organic and GMP.