7 Simple Tips to Secure Autographs on Quality MLB Memorabilia

Have you ever caught a pop-up fly ball at a Major League Baseball game? In the past, sports memorabilia mainly consisted of baseball cards. Today, however, a wide variety of items from all MLB teams, including the New York Yankees, is available. From replica helmets to cups, and from office supplies to Bobbleheads-you can find a wide variety of MLB memorabilia on the market.

For truly dedicated MLB memorabilia collectors, your next mission is to get a MLB autograph. This task can actually be easier than it might seem. However, it is important to follow some important guidelines:

1. Get organized 
When the moment of truth arrives, make sure that you have your MLB sports memorabilia ready for a player to sign. Which types of pens should you use? Use ballpoint pens for autographed baseballs. Meanwhile, black or blue Sharpie® pens are perfect for autographs on other items.

2. Remember that patience is a virtue 
If players sense that an autograph-seeding crowd is starting to get rowdy, they will typically cease signing items. Also, consider that players tend to have security entrances, making it more challenging for fans to land autographs. Thus, the window (or door) of opportunity for capturing MLB players’ autographs, has become much narrower.

3. Ask for one at a time 
Never ask a MLB player to sign more than one item. If you ask a player to sign 100 trading cards, baseballs or bats, he might get suspicious. Certain players are indifferent when you ask for multiple signatures, though others would be offended if you turned a profit by selling the items on an online auction site.

4. Write about writing 
Try writing a polite letter of request to the MLB player, and include an envelope that is stamped and self-addressed.

5. Women and children first 
According to insiders, players tend to be more willing to sign autographs for children and attractive females. You could increase your chance of getting an autograph, by dressing up your child, nephew or niece, etc. in a team jersey, and then have them request an autograph.

6. The early bird catches the signature 
Stadiums typically open about two hours prior to each MLB game. Wait for signatures nearby the dugout of the home or visiting team.

7. Be nice 
Here are some guidelines to remember when trying to obtain autographs from MLB players:

o Refer to players by their first names. There is no sweeter sound to any human 
o Smile 
o Never call a MLB by the WRONG name. That nearly guarantees you will go home empty-handed. 
o Remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ 
o Compliment the player on a specific play 
o Never yell at players as they are stretching, batting, etc.

After securing MLB memorabilia, getting a MLB player to autograph it is icing on the cake. While that mission may seem daunting at first, you can complete it by following some basic steps. Follow the aforementioned tips to get a player’s John Hancock-regardless of what his name is!

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