Don’t Follow the Crowd – Pick the Easy Route to Fat Loss and Fitness

Are you sick and tired of hearing all the latest garbage on how to achieve a fit toned fat free body in a super quick time? There’s a sucker born every minute and unfortunately some people do fall for this rubbish. Keep reading to learn the only way to Get Fit Fast.

I want to tell you how I have been successful in achieving amazing results with fitness and fat loss with my clients for many years without any fad exercise gadgets or crazy diets. If you really want to find out the only true way to ‘Get Fit Fast’ then read on and I will tell you exactly how to do it, here and now.

First things first, the most important thing you must do to ensure you get fit as fast as you can is to be clear about exactly what you want to get fit for. You must a have a clearly defined goal as to where you want to be and a very good idea of how you intend to get there. How can you expect to get fit if you have no idea where you are heading?

Let me put it into simpler terms and ask you this question. Do you think you would get fit faster if your goal was to be able to climb 10 flights of stairs without stopping compared with climbing Everest? Of course you would. The task of climbing 10 flights of stairs is much less of a challenge than climbing Everest; therefore if you where training to climb mount Everest, you would reach and overtake the desired fitness level to climb the stairs well before you are ready to tackle Mount Everest.

So back to the original question, How to Get Fit Fast depends greatly up on your current level of base fitness and the desired goal ahead. The next thing to think about is the relevancy of your training. The example above gives two similar goals, in respect that they both involve climbing of sorts. One much more technical and challenging than the other, but the training would be some what similar to start with.

Let’s look at another example; if you compare a Body Builder with a long distance runner, initially you would say that both are fit. This is correct to say that both are fit for their respective sporting disciplines, however if both were to swap roles, you could say that both would struggle to perform well at each others sports.

These are classic examples of people who are fit for what they do. The training path to reach the desired level of fitness for each sport is completely different. So you need to make sure that the training you do to improve your fitness is relevant to your final goal, otherwise you will never get there.

Take it from me you have to have a very good level of base fitness to succeed at either of these sports. Most people’s idea of a base level of fitness is to enable them to cope with the stresses and strains of their daily lifestyle. This might include, tending the garden, leisure walking, running for the bus and playing with the kids.

To get fit as fast as you can follow these 6 simple steps;

1. Assess where you’re at; Ask you’re self why you want to get fit. Most people decide to get fit for one of 3 reasons; a) Improve physical appearance b) Health reasons or quality of life c) For a particular sport, challenge or task

Which category do you fall into?

2. Set yourself a goal; Make sure there is light at the end of the tunnel. When will you know you have reached your goal? What do you need to do to get there? If your goal is weight loss, then what is your ideal weight? If you are training for a specific event, such as a running race, what time or distance do you need to achieve. If it’s for health reasons, you may wish to reduce your blood pressure or cholesterol.

3. Eat healthy; Your diet must be specific to your goal and your exercise plan. Make sure you are eating the right food and at the right times to get the most out of your exercise programme. A poor diet equals low energy and poor performance, ask any successful sports person. My advice is don’t go on a diet. You’ll just end up hungry, de-motivated and give up.

If weight loss is your goal, then start by making one small but significant change to your diet every week. For example if you were to cut out 1 tsp of sugar from your 2 cups of tea or coffee per day, then that’s a saving of 14,500 calories in one year. That amounts to a loss of over 4lbs of body fat. Do you see where I’m coming from? Small changes can make a big difference when you add them all together.

4. Exercise; If you are new to exercise and think you don’t have the time, and then make a commitment to start exercising for 5 minutes per day. Do you think you can handle that? Next week, increase it to 10 minutes and so on until you are doing 30 minutes per day. You’ll be amazed how much fitter you are just in that short time.

Choose an exercise activity appropriate to your goal, but make sure it’s a balanced program that covers all the major components of fitness. A balanced exercise program should include; CV training, for aerobic & anaerobic fitness. Resistance training, for muscular endurance, strength and power. Flexibility for range of movement and posture. Balance and coordination.

If you are not sure where to start then consider these; 1. Enjoy what you do 2. Balance your exercise to include CV, Resistance and Flexibility 3. Make your exercise specific to your goal 4. Make it a lifestyle change not a chore 5. Make it challenging, but not impossible

For the best results and to get fitter faster, then consult an exercise professional to design a program specifically for you.

5. Monitor; Monitor your progress; it will help to motivate you to stop you losing interest. Once you see that you are making steady progress towards your goal it will keep you focused.

6. Motivate; One of the hardest things about starting a new fitness campaign is keeping on track. Try training with a friend or join a club to help keep you interested. Reward yourself every now and then with your favorite meal or treat.

7. Fitness for life; Don’t just make a commitment to get fit for new year or holiday, make it a lifestyle change. Decide that you are going to make changes for life.

Last but not least if you can get to the point where fitness and healthy living becomes second nature and a natural routine then it’s the unhealthy things that start to become a chore! Remember if you practice anything enough you will do it without thinking about it and this is the state you need to aim for. One day you will come to realize, ‘this fitness stuff isn’t so bad after all’.