Libido during and after a steroid cycle – how to retain it?

By using sports stimulants, you inject the male sex hormone testosterone and its byproducts “from elsewhere.”

In reaction to these elevated levels, the body reduces or stops its own production by the testicles and adrenal glands. This will inevitably lead to a decrease in libodo sooner or later.

To prevent this side impact, it is necessary that at least one of the steroids shown has a robust androgenic effect (such as testosterone and trenbolone). Taking these drugs during the steroid cycle will assure you high libido almost all the time.

But if you interrupt the steroid cycle, you get a deficiency of androgenic hormones, because the reproductive system has stopped producing them, and this will be in the lead to a decrease in libido. It can take months for the endocrine system to function and testosterone levels to return to normal.

Of course of action, it issues what drugs and doses are brought, but it largely depends on the length of the steroid cycle. In order to break the tempo limit up the recovery and not to feel the decreased libido, it is necessary to take the following medications:

– Resume antiestrogens (tamoxifen, nolvadex, proviron) for 2-3 weeks after the cycle.

This will lower estrogen levels, which will take the lead to an increase in testosterone, because in the male body, estrogen is produced by testosterone throughout the enzyme aromatase (a process called aromatization).

In response to lowered estrogen, the body begins to generate more testosterone.

– start take on clostilbegit (clomid) 100 mg the first week and 50 mg the next two.

– if necessary, include pregnil in the first week of recovery – 2-3 pipes in 3 days of 1500-5000 units.

Also you can buy pregnyl has a formidable but short-lived effect and its use alone would not have an advantage to a positive effect. In supplement, it is only needed following a heavy cycle or for the duration of a long one, so as not to wholly stop testicular function.

Keep in mind that injectable steroids continue to work for an additional 1-2 weeks after their last administration (depending on the ester), so testosterone improvement therapy should be started 1-2 weeks later. Then, it would not be effective.

The mandatory supplements that you should take after a steroid cycle if you want to restore your reproductive system and provide the achieved results are the supplements that encourage your own testosterone production.

These are supplements consist of herbs such as tribulus, ecdysone and others. The elements necessary for testosterone production are zinc, magnesium (ZMA), vitamin E and the cholesterol from which testosterone is produced.

Omega full of fat acids (fish oil, flaxseed) are also a good choice. Vitamins and minerals individually adapted for the male body are also available on the market.

By increasing antiestrogens, you will lower estrogen levels, which will be in the lead to an increase in testosterone, because in the male body, estrogen is produced by testosterone through the enzyme armotase (a method called aromatization).

In addition to changing the blockers, we advise you to change your diet and exercise – include more fish and nuts that contain useful fats and vitamin E. Lower your workout volume by about 20% of the total number of sets and include counter press, crouches and deadlifts with a small number of recurrences – 2-3, which will stimulate testosterone production.

After finishing post-cycle therapy, you could have blood tests to examine your testosterone levels. Normal limits are 8 to 26 mmol / l. All of these sports stimulants we talket about can be purchased from the online steroid store

For adolescent “healthy” men, the gauge is recommended to be in the higher half of this range.