Ice Your Rival and Win Cold Income at Xbox NHL 10

You’re a fierce Xbox NHL 10 gamer who sends his opponents to the cooler every time. You’re a hardcore player who likes the thrill of sports video game battles. Since you are more than able to mix it up with the top gamers, this is your moment to assert yourself in the video game world and proclaim your prowess in Xbox NHL 10. So it’s time you entered the arena, and duked it out, when you play sports video games for money. Wagering each other in sports video games for cash — these players aren’t screwing around.

If you want to demonstrate your expertise, scoring multiple goals, and snagging your adversary’s bankroll, is a tried and true method to asserting your greatness. Not that playing Xbox sports video games isn’t great… but when you play for money, it’s a lot more awesome. Finally, it’s the element that the video game world has long been missing. Your pals may throw around the bull, but now you have the chance to expose them as the big talkers they are – placing a bankroll on the game’s verdict is a real equalizer here.

By now, you’re thirsting to face off against the tough guys at Xbox NHL 10, what with all the machismo floating around here. Of course, you merely fancy to hit up the video game console, pull on your skates, set foot in to the ice and take part in the action. Who in hell wouldn’t? Just remember that in order to emerge the victor, it will require more than just overconfidence. Make sure you know what you’re doing out there… make sure your trash talk doesn’t exceed your abilities.

Or, in simpler terms: know the game. Don’t be the dumbass who goes off half-cocked, doesn’t know what he’s doing, and makes an ass of himself. Playing sports video games for money is a lot different than trying to get some babes at a bar, where half-hearted techniques might seem acceptable to you. Hold off on getting into a game until you’ve learned everything to know about the game play. If you don’t, and your rival does, well, there’s nothing colder than being the one to lose the wager. Once you’ve mastered the maneuvers of Xbox NHL 10 and it’s just one hat-trick after another, get off the bench and make some real cash out of your sports video game abilities.

Spot if there are any worthwhile (or even not good enough) challengers, and initiate inviting them to face off go toe-to-toe in the arena. And if they’re on the fence about going toe-to-toe, a little smack talk is sure to push them over the edge. If there’s one thing about the hardcore gamers, they don’t walk away from a challenge. But in the end, we’re sure you’ll talk some trash, play your match, and win some cash. Not that the video game world is surprised, given the popularity of EA’s NHL series, but Xbox NHL 10 takes things to new heights. As truly incredible as the graphics to NHL 09 were, these are even more vivid and realistic. And the animation is even more fluid.

While remaining true to the NHL formula of high-octane video hockey, Xbox NHL 10 throws in some new wrinkles that are going to juice up the video game world. A new addition that’s sure to be a favorite of hardcore gamers is the post-whistle action, which, as you can probably figure out, lets gamers have it out after the whistle is blown. More specifically, players have a brief but great opportunity to sneak in a few checks – and a cheap shot or two, which then sets the stage for the brawl that you’re coveting. And it’s just a matter of time before your teammates come swarming to your defense and start throwing a few shots of their own, courtesy of the new level of sophistication in gaming technology.

As someone can require from the activity famous for its clashing, the fights habitually deteriorate into a outright scuffle. Of course, giving the game even more flavor is the Xbox NHL 10 soundtrack. Sports video games just need the soundtrack in order to take things to the next level, and luckily, Xbox NHL 10 gives the hardcore gamers what they want. Explore at this catalog: “Young Cardinals” by Alexisonfire, “Deathsmarch” by Cancer Bats, “Hellions on Parade” by CKY, “Golden Years” by Disco Ensemble, “Heroes of Our Time” by Dragonforce, “Anything ‘Cept the Truth” by Eagles of Death Metal, “Oye Vaya” by Earl Greyhound, “Know Your Enemy” by Green Day, “Peace Sells” by Megadeth, “Wake Up! Wake Up!” by MeTalkPretty, “Keys to the City” from Ministry & Co-Conspirators, “Kids in America” by MxPx, Nickelback’s “Burn It to the Ground,” Papa Roach’s “Into the Light,” “Raccoon Eyes” by Priestess, “The Bravest Kids” from Rancid, Scorpions’ rock anthem “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” and “Fire It Up” by Thousand Foot Krutch.

Taking notice of the songs supplies an further feature to the complete sensation – you will claim you are down on the ice, playing in the unadulterateditem. And just when you think NHL 10 is as realistic as it gets, another feature, the intimidation tactics, make it even more of the real deal than you could ever imagine. You really want to excite the audience, then start giving your rival a tough time and get in his face on the rink. And the crowd is more animated than Charo after a double-espresso. They’re in tune with the action on the rink. The audience has a field day, depending on what’s happening on the ice – they’ll cheer, they’ll jeer. So you get in the opportunity to get the viewers rising to their feet and shouting approval for you – if you achieve quite a few amazing plays, of course.

Even though this doesn’t seem fair, we want you to think about this. See what your pop was doing for video game entertainment in his time, after you’ve given Xbox NHL 10 the once over. This was before the revolution that gave us 8-bit and then 16-bit games – 4K was as good as it got. And then this was what folks conserved their currency and bought in the early part of the 1980s, if they wished for to get in a sports video game – those video game buffs didn’t have it trouble-free: It doesn’t look like a video game – but in the dawn of the video game era, this was deemed to be “state of the art” graphics. All you had were four men on the non-scrolling rink. A player and his goalie.

The option to pick your team of choice was out of the question. Though here’s a thing you’re not going to accept as true. This game was considered one, if not the, best sports video games available, upon its release. Getting your game on way back when began and ended with this one. This crude, blocky stuff was, in 1982, a game that had people literally in awe of the graphics and animation. Contrast this to what EA is currently offering with NHL 10, although maybe we’re talking apples and oranges here: Whichever of your ancestors was indulging in this relic was existing in the video game pre-historic times, bluntly speaking. Despite the great strides that the 8-bit gaming brought to the video game world, even that can’t compete with today’s unbelievable Xbox hockey. If you do not rely on us, then have a look at this one: now you can to decide from numerous teams – six to be specific.

And to imagine that the video game world was firm that the high point of cartridges had gotten there with this one. If you’re not temporarily blinded from viewing that one, get another gander at what NHL 10 has to offer, and once again be thankful for today’s video game technology. The greatness is amplified when you realize just how many NHL 10 features were nonexistent in the older games. There was no Battle for the Cup, no Playoff Mode, no Season Mode, no Be a GM or Be a Tough Guy. And let’s not get started on the lack of online gaming back then. The one thing you may possibly do in the good old days was to stay wishing. The best you were going to get at that point in time was blinking graphics and six paltry teams to pick from.

However, Xbox NHL 10 takes sports video games to a whole new level. That’s why nobody should be too shocked that the reviews are all highly enthusiastic, calling this game one of the best sports video games to ever be released. Once you get a taste of the game, where the players move so flawlessly that you won’t be able to tell the difference between NHL 10 and an actual hockey game, you won’t disagree with the critics. Much credit has to be given to EA, who set the bar even higher for sports video games with their latest entry. The players’ facial expressions alone are amazing – they’ve got more life and attitude than the cast members of your girlfriend’s favorite daytime dramas. Too there are the fight scenes, that contain a first person perspective which you will not reckon. It’s just like an actual brawl – but without causing damage to your internal organs.

Gary Thorne and Bill Clement are on hand to deliver their usual, eerily accurate commentary, just like in NHL 09. Getting this duo is another selling point for NHL 10. Remember these two chaps’ experience. You have Bill Clement, aka “Clement, Clement, Hand of Cement,” a respected NHL All-Star, as well as an ESPN star. As well Clement’s cohort Gary Thorne, anotherparticipant from the ESPN team, is a very remarkable sports personage in his own right. You’ll be blown away when you listen to this pair’s game commentary. Xbox NHL 10 is so accurate that you will be certain that the pair is sitting in your residence. Video game fans will be pleased with another one of Xbox NHL 10’s new features, precision passing.

NHL 10 allows players to have better control of the puck’s velocity, unlike NHL 09. And on top of that, you can, depending on your aim and strength of the slap shot, bank your passes off of the board. Yet another innovation that’s got the video game world abuzz – for the first time, Xbox NHL 10 lets gamers battle on the boards. That is correct sir – you can now thwart your opponent from snagging the puck by kick-passing it to a teammate, in those instances where you have the puck but are pinned up against the boards. Then again, if the tables are turned and you’re the one doing the pinning, you’ll really give him a run for his money – provided you’re the better man on the ice.