How Much Would Quartz Worktops Slough cost?

Quartz worktops Slough look really graceful and they are very durable too. Prices of Quartz worktops Slough can range from £100 to £200 for a square foot of the slab and for its installation. How much would quartz worktops cost you depends on many factors. In this article, I have discussed these factors in detail.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Quartz Worktops:
The cost of quartz worktops depends on the grade of the material used, the complexity of the installation process and who installs the worktops. Let’s have a detailed look at all these factors.

  • The Grade of the Quartz:
    Quartz is a material that is engineered in a variety of styles and qualities. The main grades of quartz worktops that are engineered include clearance, standard, premium and designer grades.
    The standard grade Quartz worktops Slough is plain and this is used in the kitchens to match the décor and design of the kitchen. The colors available are mostly the earth tones. Standard grade worktops become clearance worktops when they are discontinued.
    Premium and designer Quartz worktops Slough have rich colors and they have much more beautiful designs as compared to the standard or clearance worktops. They are expensive and are sometimes custom made which makes them unique and hence expensive.
  • The Complexity of the Installation process:
    If you need a slab of quartz that has no seams or corners, the installation process should be simple and easy. Installing a wrap-around Quartz worktop Slough that has multiple seams and cutouts for the main sink and a prep sink too may be with a designer edge would be a difficult job and hence it would cost you a lot. With so many details to take care of, the job would be time-consuming too which would make it even more expensive.
  • Who Installs the Worktop:
    This depends on other factors too but if you are having your worktop installed by a professional, the job would account for 20% to 50 % of the total cost of the worktop. An average of 30 of the total price. You can install the worktop yourself too if you want to save some money. But you have to think about it twice because these worktops are expensive and if you install them yourself, errors in installation would cost you a lot. If you are really skilled and experience, only then you should install the worktop yourself. Now, if you are hiring a professional, the cost would depend on the person you are going to hire.
    – A handyman would not cost you a lot but make sure you that he is skilled and experienced.
    – If the vendor of the worktop is installing it for you, the job would be expensive.
    – If you are hiring an interior designer to install your worktop, the job would be REALLY expensive.
    You have to be sure that the person you are hiring for this job is experienced, licensed and insured. If the material gets damaged during installation or the Quartz worktop Slough is not installed correctly, you know you are safe if the person is insured.