Effects of Smoking Marijuana

The influence and effects of smoking marijuana is greatest during teenage years. A person that smokes marijuana will have problems in interpersonal coping skills. They will have problem learning things because the chemical of marijuana affects their brains. Marijuana is often used as a gateway drug. According to a research conducted at the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, teenagers are more likely to smoke weed eighty-five times than taking cocaine. The research also shows that 60% of youngsters will use cocaine after using marijuana.

Marijuana will influence the judgment and perception of the person. When an individual takes marijuana, he will not be able to operate machinery. As a result, he will not be fit to drive a car. Driving a car under the influence of marijuana will increase the accident risk. Lots of young people encounter car accidents and get seriously injured when driving under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana is also the leading cause of casual sex and sexually transmitted disease (STD). Marijuana can cause temporary memory loss for at least 24 hours. The individual will have faster heart beat rate and suffer from anxiety. Society underplays the effects of smoking marijuana yet this has such a big impact on our day-to-day living

Marijuana will cause hormone imbalance. When the individual experience hormone imbalance, onset of puberty will happen slower. Males will experience low sperm production problems. Females will have irregular menstrual problems. Pregnant women that smoke pot will give birth to babies that have health problems. The chemicals in marijuana will cause the baby to suffer from deformation. Premature birth can also happen when a pregnant mother smoke marijuana. The children have a high possibility of experiencing mental and physical developmental delays. If you don’t want your child to become handicap, you should not smoke weed. The effects of smoking marijuana are therefore devastating. You should not risk smoking marijuana without considering the consequences it can happen to yourself and your baby.

Marijuana is often used as a pain relief medicine to relieve the patients from symptoms of diseases such as glaucoma, AIDS, and cancer. Despite that, research did not show that marijuana can ease the side effects better than the approved medicine. After realizing the effects of smoking marijuana, you should make up your mind to stop smoking it. Making up your mind to stop smoking right now can save your life and prevent further complications. You can always seek encouragement from your friends if you feel that you lack motivation. You should get rid of all the marijuana so that you do not have access to it. In this way, you will not fall into relapse.