All about Envelope Printing

Greeting cards are among those gifts which are very personal and can improve your connections to a fantastic extent

They’re given on special events, like birthdays, anniversaries etc., and sometimes even without any special reasons only for showing your feelings towards someone.  This is why most men and women spend a great deal of time actually picking the greeting cards which are to be given to your friends or loved ones.

Some people today design their own greeting cards because it definitely adds that extra personal touch

Thus, when you are designing greeting cards yourself, why not go all the way and include the customized design envelopes also?  You can even coordinate the plan of this greeting card with that of this envelope printing.  You therefore have a constant appearance on the inside as well as on the outside. Click here to find out more about Envelop Printing.

Therefore, I am giving you some effective tips which can produce the envelope printing very exciting to the recipients of your card. Make it a point to use a single focal point and message.  This is especially appropriate for notes or cards with a very simple layout.  The envelope should be printed with an attractive picture which reproduces the layout inside. The reason for this is that picture will be focused on from the recipients and they will get an idea about what’s inside. Additionally your message will be properly conveyed to the receiver.

Make it a point to use envelopes which have stamped corners or a total background layout

This kind of envelope can be perfect for cards which have adorned images and fancy layouts.  The layout on the envelope should be consistent with the postcard or greeting card inside.  You can use stamps for imprinting the title of the recipients in bright colours. You can use different and unique fonts together with using vibrant colors in the title of the receiver for attracting interest.  This will insure excitement and anticipation whilst opening the envelope.

For envelope printing you can definitely stamp different themes

If like for instance if there’s a flowery card in the envelope you may stamp a wildflower design on the outside of this envelope.  You can even use environmentally designed cards and envelopes so along with giving your very best wishes to the receiver of the card you are also sending a powerful message about preserving the environment.

By designing the custom made envelope yourself, you will definitely give your friends and loved ones a very personal present which they will treasure forever!