Woodward favors Glazers!

As well know that last transfer window was totally a disaster for Manchester United. Infact it was one of the worst transfer windows we could have imagined. Considering there was a managerial change with the apparently the full backing of the owners, Manchester United should have done much better. But Thanks to the laziness of our negotiators we failed miserably with only landing Fellaini in the dying minutes.

Some United supporters remain distrustful. For others, the scars run so deep they will never be reconciled to the owners’ vision. In an exclusive interview with the club’s fanzine ‘United We Stand’, executive vice-chairman Woodward, who was the target for criticism by the Red Devils, said,

“I’m sensitive to the general feeling about being fearful about the future of the club under this ownership. I think we should explain what the debt means. I can understand that [the fans' distrust of the Glazers]. Time will perhaps make them look better owners than some think, especially when they are compared to other owners.