Tottenham Hotspur wants to sign Chicharito

As January approaches, the transfer rumours gain momentum and every little incident prompts the media to bring in another story. GiveMeSport have claimed today that Javier Hernandez is on Spurs’ radar as a replacement for Jermain Defoe.

Rumours state that Defoe has agreed terms with the Major League Soccer team Toronto FC as per which he will receive £90,000-per-week. However, there has been no confirmation for this.

The Independent claims that Tottenham are looking to sign a replacement for Defoe before parting ways with him as it is assumed that he will leave in January.

They further claim in their report that Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez is their main target.

The player is often linked away from the club, especially because he does not get much playing time. However, it does not seem likely that United would like to sell Chicharito as he has always played an important role, even as a substitute striker. Also, Chicharito is absolutely adored by the United fans.


Written by Rida Mehtab (@RidaaMehtaab on Twitter)