Sources: Arsenal lining up a replacement for Arsene Wenger!

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After Arsenal’s terrible season collapse it has finally come down to inevitable. Season after season Arsenal’s season gets collapsed. In the words of Paul Scholes, ‘A little hint at the title for one week and then they capitulate’ but this time it was for 128 days Arsenal were on top of the table and now are in danger of losing the top 4 spot.

There was a doubt at the start of the season that Arsene Wenger will resign at the end of the season as he was delaying the contract offered by the club. But it seems that whether or not Arsene Wenger wins a silverware he’s going to call it a day because reports have suggested that Arsenal are lining up his replacement.

All of the talk today has centered on the idea of Roberto Martinez replacing Arsene Wenger should the Frenchman be moved on from the Gunners this summer.

Martinez’ Everton side outwitted their Premier League rivals in the race for fourth place over the weekend, which has left plenty of Gunners marveling at the possibility of what Martinez could achieve in charge at the Emirates.

However, if the club decides not to renew Wenger’s contract beyond this season, potentially prompting him into early retirement, there is a name the club should consider and it’s not Roberto Martinez.

Jürgen Klopp is the man Arsenal should move heaven and earth to try and get a hold of.

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