Shocking: Arsenal turn down the golden chance of signing a super star:

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As soon as the news came in that Cesc Fabregas is expected to leave Barcelona this summer transfer most probably after the World Cup, Arsenal fans couldn’t have been more delighted. Although there are some fans who are bitter of the way Cesc left the club but there is no one who would doubt his quality as a player.

But according the Telegraph which is a very reliable source when it comes to transfers stated that Arsenal have ruled themselves out of the race of signing Cesc Fabregas while Manchester City have launched a 40m Euro bid to sign the Spaniard.

The report reads: “Arsenal have first option on the Spaniard, but have not responded to Barca’s tip off that Fabregas is available. Fabregas is understood to be disappointed that Arsenal have not shown a greater interest, but is still hoping to come back to England.”
The reasoning stated in the report is that manager Arsene Wenger apparently does not believe Fabregas and Ozil are compatible in the same side.

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