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Shocking: Arsenal former star reveals he left Arsenal just for money

The list of stars who left Arsenal for either glory or money if mentioned here would take hell a lot of time. Arsenal were not the club who were financially strong back then but now their financial setup Is arguably the best in England and hence there are reports of them tying their best players with big contracts.

Arsenal fans normally dislike the likes of Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy who were blamed by them for leaving Arsenal for more money. But Manchester City star Nasri admitted that the only reason he left Emirates was ‘money’. No wonder why Arsenal fans call him ‘Cashri’.

Nasri revealed that the prospect of creating history with City, who had not won a league title in 44 years, tilted the tide in their favour as he made his way out of north London. The Frenchman was vindicated in his choice as City beat United on goal difference to clinch their maiden Premier League as the Gunners struggled to keep pace.

He said, “We were in October (2010) and the manager asked me whether I wanted to stay at Arsenal. ‘Yes I want to stay at Arsenal,’ I said. Then they offered me a contract. It was far from what I wanted. With my agent, we were saying: if I stay at Arsenal, I know I’m going to win less money, but it’s fine, I’m only 23. I have time to win money. If I’m good I will always win money.”

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