REASONS: Why Arsene Wenger refused to shake hands with Guardiola

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After a terse game and severe tactical battle between the Europe’s classiest and Europe’s finest yesterday things didn’t end up that well altogether. Arsene Wenger is mostly labeled as the classiest manager in the world but he didn’t shake Guardiola’s hand for unknown reasons.

Wenger is often termed as the sore loser in Europe and seems like he couldn’t control his emotions yesterday after the loss as he totally ignored Guardiola and went down to the tunnel as if the red card was Guardiola’s fault.

Arsenal were outclassed by Bayern after the red card as they only managed 21% possession in the second half conceding two goals.

Here is a list of most likely reasons why Wenger refused to shake hands.

  • Arsene Wenger has sensitive skin and more then one handshake a day causes epithelial discomfort and rash
  • Arsene Wenger didn’t like the smell Pep Guardiola’s pomegranate lavender hand lotion left on him
  • Arsene Wenger subscribes to the idea of cooties
  • Arsene Wenger contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease during the match and this was an action meant to save Guardiola
  • Arsene Wenger was in the midst of an LSD flashback from that one time in college and thought Guardiola was a giant ant wearing a suit

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