Although Mourinho is known for taking digs at the Gunners but something surprising happened as Mourinho with all his heart finally praised an Arsenal player. The Portuguese recently mocking Arsenal has now praised Mesut Ozil for his impact at Arsenal and the way he changed the atmosphere around the club. But let’s not forget Mourinho has a healthy relationship with The German.

And he may as well have struck a chord with Arsenal supporters, as he looked ahead to Chelsea’s visit to the Emirates on Monday night and considered how best to shape a squad to win the Premier League title. “If you are just building, building, building … probably, you will never get there, ” the Chelsea manager said.

But one thing is for sure, Mourinho loves Özil. He worked with him at Real over the previous three seasons and he was fulsome in his praise of the attacking midfielder. With Özil, he indicated, Arsenal had found the missing ingredient. They were now complete; capable of staying the championship course.

He said, “I’m not saying Mesut transformed the team completely. The manager and the club has given players conditions and time to have great stability in their evolution. And now, when you buy Giroud and now Özil and some other players, the team becomes much better and ready to be doing what they are doing which is to fight for the title.”