Michael Owen mocks Arsenal Star Player!

A certain discussion among the social media websites have gained pace that Arsenal’s latest signing Mesut Ozil goes missing in big games. If we consider the game against Manchester United, Phil Jones didn’t let Ozil in his comfort zone. Same goes in the game against Manchester City and very recently against Chelsea. But people need to realize that the transition from a technical league to a physical league requires a player to get used to it and hence taking some time. Same is the case with Ozil.

But Michael Owen yesterday mocked Mesut Ozil who has one of the best records for assists in the world and certainly is in top 3 in the Premier League (Goals & Assists) combined.

Last week the former Liverpool and Manchester United striker had this to say on website Sport Lobster:

“It is against the big boys where I think they could struggle as, in my opinion, they don’t have the class of player to go toe to toe with the main title contenders. Despite people constantly telling me that Mesut Ozil is world class, his inconsistency means that we only see occasional glimpses of real quality. His odd good performance is usually followed by half a dozen poor ones.”