Manchester United must drop the winger before it’s late

Manchester United wing play has been under serious pressure since last two seasons. Considering that for a team whose main threat has always been through wingers is really alarming. Ashley Young, since his arrival has been extremely below par taking under note the fact that he was the player who had most assists since last 5 seasons only after Cesc Fabregas.

But a huge blow for Manchester United was Antonio Valencia’s sudden drop in form. He was Manchester United’s player of the year the season they lost the title to Manchester City.

It seemed as if Valencia would go on to shine as a Manchester United winger, having even been granted the number seven jersey the following season.

However, it has been far from that for the Ecuadorian international. He has drifted in and out of form and has been largely disappointing since being given the player of the year award. He has since been stripped of the number seven jersey, and David Moyes should strip Valencia of a starting role in the Manchester United line up.

Valencia used to be a dynamic winger who frightened opposing left backs, but now he is a one trick pony. All he can do is go to his right foot, and all he can put in is one kind of cross, a low and drilled ball that rarely makes it past the first defender.

Valencia always goes to his right side, it is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow morning. He has absolutely no left foot, and despite being showed onto the inside Valencia forces his way to the right side and runs into a big wall of left back where he is stopped and loses the ball.

Manchester United would seriously have to think hard about solving this issue or they would be stripped off the title as they already are lagging behind in the race.