Lifetime ban from football Association for Spurs fans for misbehaving against Arsenal

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The Police are searching for three suspects after they threw coins and ‘metal missiles’ at the Emirates Stadium pitch during the North London Derby on January 4.

The coins were specifically thrown at Arsenal star Theo Walcott during the rivalry match after the player gestured 2-0 at the Spurs fans with his fingers as he was carried out of the pitch on a stretcher due to injury. The stewars and ambulance staff also got injured in the process.

The Football Association have discussed with both the clubs and it is expected that the three suspects would be harshly punished for their actions.

The harsh punishments could mean that the fans could be banned from football from lifetime or/and will pay large sum of money as fines.

The police released blurry images of the three suspects taken from a video and are encouraging people to come up and inform them about their whereabouts.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “During the match, an Arsenal player on a stretcher, medical staff carrying him and stewards were struck by coins and other missiles thrown at them from a section of the crowd occupied by Tottenham fans.

“The player and stewards received minor injuries as a result. Officers from the Metropolitan Police launched an investigation and have now identified three men they would like to contact.”

The Police are also investigating tweets during the match for any anti-semitic comments.

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