Jose Mourinho mocks Arsenal!!

Jose Mourinho has a tendency of playing mind games with the teams who are challenging the Premier Title. Arsenal have transformed into one of the most dangerous teams in Europe as they are scoring goals with eye catchy, attractive and typical Wenger ball. This has made the Portuguese insecure as he believes Arsenal are in a position to snatch his dreams of the glory.

Having won three Premier League titles since taking over the club in 2003, owner Abramovich has made it clear he now wants his side to win in style.

This philosophy has seen Mourinho ditch his defensive values in search of a more eye-catching passing game, but the Blues’ transition has been slow, seeing them lose to Stoke and Sunderland in the past fortnight.
And the Portuguese has hinted the new style could cost his side victory at table-toppers Arsenal on Monday.

He said, ‘If I want to win 1-0, I think I can. One of the easiest things in football is to win 1-0. It’s not so difficult. You structure your team from the back, you organise your team from the defensive idea, you don’t give freedom to your players to express themselves. The dynamic of the team is defensive and what you do is you recover the ball and try to punish the opponent on the counter-attack. To win 1-0 is not the most difficult thing in football.’

As Arsenal are famous for their 1-0 wins, Mourinho is actually hinting that it’s not difficult to win with such scorelines. I think Mourinho needs to see more Arsenal games from now.