FA favours Manchester United ? Think again !

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Conspiracy theorists usually claims about Manchester United getting favours from FA. You be the judge !

August 2nd 2010: Patrick Vieira is shown a straight red card in a pre-season friendly with Manchester City.
“If a player gets a red card in a friendly he gets a ban for his next friendly, not for competitive matches,” said a spokesperson for the FA.
Punishment: N/A
August 4th 2006: Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes sent off for Manchester United in pre-season Amsterdam Tournament.
“At a Disciplinary Commission hearing, Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes had claims for wrongful dismissal rejected and will therefore both serve three-match suspensions,” read an FA statement.
Punishment: 3 match ban in the league.
August 3rd 2003: Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor sent off for Liverpool in pre-season Amsterdam Tournament.
Punishment: N/A

2. Celebrations
January 22nd 2006: Gary Neville celebrates last minute winner in front of opposition Liverpool fans by grabbing his badge and punching his fists in the air.
Punishment: £5,000 fine. some £3,000 more than the City player who missed a drug’s test!

January 14th 2006: Robbie Fowler celebrates a goal for Manchester City in front of the opposition United fans by doing a ‘five finger salute’ in reference to the five European Cups Liverpool have won.
Punishment: N/A

September 20th 2009: Craig Bellamy walks over to a restrained fan on the pitch and slaps him across the face.
Punishment: Warning of future conduct.
September 20th 2009: Shay Given runs to the Streford End, jumping up and down, pumping his fists in the air in celebration of a late Craig Bellamy goal.
Punishment: N/A

3. Drugs tests
2003: Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand missed a drugs test. (Rio tried to arrange a return to Carrington whilst the drug testers were still there but they said no, despite staying for a further half an hour. Punishment: Eight month ban and £50,000 fine. Rio Ferdinand was informed in September 2003 that he was one of a handful of players who had been selected at random to complete a drugs test at the end of the training session. Rio left Carrington without doing the test but remembered later in the day. He returned to the training ground but he was told it was too late. The following day he went for an independent drugs test where the results came back negative.
Punishment: Eight month ban and £50,000 fine
2002: Manchester City’s Christian Negouai missed a drugs test.
Punishment: £2,000 fine

4. Verbal abuse of the ref
January 16th 2011: Rafael da Silva shouts at referee Mike Dean and gets in his face after being wrongly shown a second yellow card.
Punishment: £8,000 fine.
March 10th 2010: Steven Gerrard tells Andre Marriner to “fuck off” and sticks his fingers up at him after a freekick is awarded against him for a two footed tackle from behind.
Punishment: N/A

5. Forearm swings
January 26th 2010: Rio Ferdinand swings his arm at Craig Fagan in an off ball incident against Hull.
Punishment: 4 match ban (3 matches + 1 for appealing)
September 23rd 2010: Javier Mascherano swings his arm at Jermaine Beckford in an off ball incident against Leeds.
Punishment: N/A

6. Elbows
March 26th 2011: Wayne Rooney elbows James McCarthy in the head in an off the ball clash.
Punishment: 1 match ban
September 25th 2010: Steven Gerrard elbow Danny Welbeck in the head.
Punishment: N/A
March 15th 2010: Steven Gerrard elbows Michael Brown in the head in an off the ball clash.
Punishment: N/A

7) Joey Barton
Crime: Beating the crap out of his team mate on the training ground. Causing injuries to Dabo’s his eye, nose and lip, with the player being taken to hospital for treatment.
Punishment: Minimum six-match ban. £25,000 fine.
Rio Ferdinand
Crime: Leaving training before taking a drug’s test. Offered to take the drug’s test later that day, but his plea was declined. An independent panel tested him the following day, the results came back as clear, but the FA would not consider this as evidence.
Punishment: 8 month ban. £50,000 fine.

Are you telling me that forgetting a drugs test deserves two times the ban as beating the crap out of a team mate? Let’s not forget, with his assault on another City teammate, Jamie Tandy, where he stubbed out a cigar in his face, as well as his assaults which have lead to jail time, Barton is a repeat violent offender. Yet the FA were far softer on him than Rio.

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