Ed Woodward believe Money is more important than winning trophies

Ed Woodward was criticized heavily for Manchester United’s poor show in the transfer market last seasons when they didn’t manage to land their targets despite of having a string financial backing. Messing up deals for Harrera and a blunder of paying 4m extra than the buyout clause of Marouane Fellaini was all down to Ed Woodward.

He was also criticized for bringing in sponsorships for the club than signing necessary replacements in the squad. But shockingly, the trend seems to continue.

In an interview recently he said,

“If we have a bad year, does it impact on our sponsorship that year?” Woodward asked, rhetorically. “No. If we have a bad year, we have the financial strength to change the team. “We have so much deeper financial strength that, instead of selling three players and buying three, we can do five. “If you fight hard and just fail, people will still watch you on television, still turn up and buy shirts. “There’s still a lot of affinity with the club and interest, but the reality is that you can’t always win.

Comparing United with their arch rivals Liverpool he also said, “Take Liverpool. They still sell an incredible number of shirts and have the second biggest shirt deal in the Premier League. They have one of the biggest technical partner deals. And Liverpool haven’t won the league since 1990.”